Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tonight's Episode 21.34

I've decided to skip the episode reviews of the last four weeks, mainly because nobody's bothered and it's a lot of work. I'll try and keep up with the upcoming episodes though!

So...all about tonight's episode:

Guppy's adulation of Stitch gets him into hot water.


(...)When Stitch barely reacts to Guppy's news about the methadone incident, Charlie worries that Stitch is a bad influence. Later, Guppy is in awe of Stitch's brilliance in a high-risk op. (...)


Charlie is concerned when Guppy's adulation of Stitch risks the life of a young boy. Selena learns the identity of her baby's father. Jeff encourages Dixie to talk about her feelings for Cyd.


Also, Elyes is number one on the cast list for tonight's episode on Radiotimes!

That's all for tonight's episode, so make sure you tune in at 8.35 pm!

And then there's one special notice:

Josie, biggest Elyes fan dropped us a line in the comments, and I'd like to give her an extra thanks because of her message. Mainly, because she's a visitor of the site, without being a member of the EGB. So she's kinda special. So thank you for leaving a message, it's highly

"Just dropping a line to say it's nice to discover plenty of others out there who are ever so slightly obsessed with Guppy! He is the hotest doctor that ever graced our TV screens. But, it's true Casualty just isn't the same without the old Guppy/Harry partenership!"
It sure isn't... And I love that feeling when I found out there are other Elyes fans out there last year, it's amazing! Thanks again! Hope you visit again soon.

Maybe I make it look like Josie's special, but all you guest of the board and the blog are to me, so please leave a message to tell me what you think of the blog!

I love you all! See you tomorrow for the episode review (...wait, did I just promise to update so soon?)

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Tomorrow June?? I'm not even going to be out of bed before 12! heh!