Sunday, April 08, 2007

Apologies and Errors

Sorry! I know I've missed the last two episode reviews, but everything has been really busy and I couldn't keep up. I hope to update and catch up soon though.

But the main reason for my sudden re-appearence is the fact that the forum is playing up again. Freeboards seems to be having some trouble (...again), and nobody is able to post or read the 'Random Talk' topic. This glitch isn't my fault, and I sure hope freeboards fix it soon.

Till then, there's nothing I can do really, so just keep your fingers crossed in the hope that freeboards wakes up and fixes the problem!

Spoiler moment: for 21st of April

Guppy's adulation of Stitch gets him into hot water. (well, that's a surprise)
And Selena discovers who the father of her baby is. (please, don't let it be Nathan!)

The other spoilers aren't very full of Guppy, but they are interesting so make sure you check them out at BBC.

Spoilers for the same date except from

Meanwhile, Maggie is still trying to persuade Selena that she must face her situation head on and, elsewhere, Charlie worries that Stitch is a bad influence on Guppy.

Remember that there is no Casualty next week!

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Josie, biggest Elyes Fan said...

Just dropping a line to say it's nice to discover plenty of others out there who are ever so slightly obsessed with Guppy! He is the hotest doctor that ever graced our TV screens. But, it's true Casualty just isn't the same without the old Guppy/Harry partenership!