Friday, June 15, 2007

Tomorrow's Episode

It's the same as tonight's episode, only a day earlier ^^

With an overflow of Guppy spoilers, I thought I'd better do this again. The upcoming three weeks are looking like a lot of Guppyness, so I'll try to keep up with the spoilers. With a little help from my spoilers analysers & experts, Nezza & Sapphire, I bet I can :)

Here goes:

Saturday 16th of June:

A binman is crushed by his lorry after rescuing a baby discarded with the rubbish, and a teenager is admitted with a post-natal haemorrhage - much to her mother's disbelief. Selena's past catches up with her and begins to affect her work as she and Nathan find themselves the subject of gossip, while Stitch plays Cupid for Guppy.

From: Itv

When a newborn baby is found abandoned by its teenage mother, Selena struggles to keep her emotions over her recent abortion hidden. Mischievious Stitch determines to help Guppy lose his innocence.

From: Radiotimes

Guppy confesses that he's a virgin. Can Stitch help him to get lucky?

From: Bbc

On the morning after the night before, Nathan and Selena have a near miss in the car park, and a bemused Guppy finds Nadia's bra in Stitch's jacket. Meanwhile, Cyd and Greg rush to save a newborn baby, although the binman who saved the baby is now severely injured. Elsewhere, Selena diagnoses a teenager with a post-partum haemorrhage and, putting two and two together, is desperate to reunite her with the baby. Cyd, distraught by memories of her own backstreet abortion, turns to Dixie for comfort. Later, Guppy goes on a date with a medical student and Stitch, having set the pair up, leaves to chat up his own prey.


So don't forget to tune in tomorrow 8.10 pm on BBC 1!

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Nezza said...

I'm a spoilers analyser expert!! I'm no expert, but I do love analysing spoilers! But Sapphire's much better at it than I am :)

Hmm, the catch-up & preview clips don't shed all that much light on things at all...

Btw June, is the board down?