Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tonight's Episode: Seize the Day

I'm back with Tonight's Episode. As we all know, there has been a lot going on lately with Guppy, but I just couldn't keep track of it on the blog, but now I am determined to do well. are the spoilers for tonight's episode (warning: These are big spoilers)

Guppy resists calling his dealer but his resistance is futile. Stitch goes out with the paramedics for the day and infuriates Maggie when he berates a patient's husband for interfering in his wife's suicide. The team blames Stitch when the man later kills himself, but Stitch shows no remorse. Meanwhile, Selena is having a bad day and misses a vital diagnosis. She later confides in Harry that she didn't go ahead with the abortion and is still pregnant.


Guppy's determined to prove he can be a good doctor.
Selena's having a bad day struggling to stay calm.
Nathan reveals to Harry that Selena had an abortion.
Guppy resorts to drugs again.
Stitch's shut out by the gang.
Harry receives some shocking news from Selena.

Selena's confused when she sees Harry. Does she still have feelings for him? Taking action against Stitch's harsh methods, the gang turn on him. Does Stitch have feelings?


Guppy is steering clear of the cocaine - just.
Meanwhile, married couple Tom and Lowri are rushed to hospital after Lowri attempted suicide.
Stitch is dismissive of Tom for intervening in the suicide attempt. When he calls off the fight to save her life, he has a dig at Tom again for calling the ambulance. Guppy tries to comfort Tom.
Elsewhere, Selena has her hands full with two bickering sisters fresh from a car accident. Just after she blows up at them, one of the sister collapses with a head injury. Harry works with Selena to save her life.
Later, Guppy finds that Tom has hanged himself. Despite attempts to revive him, Tom is declared dead. Guppy has an argument with Stitch, who is still dismissive. Upset, Guppy rings his dealer for more cocaine.

Source: Unknown (got it from Elizabeth)

A clash between Guppy and Stitch has tragic consequences. Selena reveals a shocking secret to Harry.

Source: Radiotimes

Radiotimes notes Elyes as second on the cast list, so be prepared for a lot of Guppyness tonight!

Catch Casualty on BBC 1 tonight at 8.15!

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