Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blueprints...sort of

As you might see, some changes have been made. I'm still working on the HTML and stuff, so the lay-out will change over the next couple of days. Some news:

Saturday 3rd of February:
Elyes Gabel is on the list on Radiotimes, so he is expected to be in tonight's episode. If not, somebody at Radiotimes is going to get hurt. Badly.

The Scrapbook Project:
Check out the appreciation project over at the Elyes Gabel Board.
Submit your message to Elyes, artwork, or what not. Show the love! There is no deadline at the moment, but I want everything in as soon as possible!

I will hunt you down if you do not leave a comment:
Do you like what's going on on here? Because the lack of feedback hasn't really motivated me these last weeks (hence the not updating and not getting the blueprints out). Comment! Like now!

The MySpace mystery:
Is it it not him...Is it it not him. Who knows? I'm starting a detective mission, and I need some agents to help. Leave a comment if you want to help!
I'm not sure what we're gonna do, but there'll be a topic on the EGB soon, listing The 'Yes it's him - signs' and 'No, it's not him - signs' and probably some other work that I haven't thought of yet.

Comic Relief does Fame Academy:
Celebrity Fame Academy is back. The contestants aren't reveiled just yet, so keep your fingers crossed and hope that Elyes has been asked!

I think that was it for today. Keep posted for more info and updates!


Nezza said...

*Doesn't want to be hunted down* Hello June! Loving your work! ^_^ I'll help out with the Myspace investigation if you want, seeing as I've kinda started on it and I always wind up with too much time on my hands!

Btw, preview clip for tonight's ep for Realplayer :
So nobody's going to get hurt this week!!

I *am* going to sort my message out for the scrapbook, if not this weekend then next weekend cos I haven't got lectures the week after next ^_^

See you on the EGB!

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