Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Review: 21.26 The Killing Floor

New to the EG Blog, reviews. Time for last saturdays episode: The Killing Floor.

Selena turned up with a smile on her face after spending the night with Harry. Disappointed when Harry didn't call, she sought reassurance from Maggie. Just at that moment, a huge bouquet of flowers arrived. New nurse Nadia cheekily parked her sports car in Nathan's spot. Kelsey delighted in informing him of the culprit but was denied a showdown when he discovered that Nadia's father had made a generous donation to the trust. Fed up with Nadia's little princess ways, Kelsey turned down her offer of a drink. As she was leaving, Nadia discovered that her car had a flat tyre. To Kelsey's horror, Abs, Sam and Guppy fell for her sweet-talk and proved more than willing to help. Nathan intercepted Selena's text message from Harry thanking her for a wonderful night. Ridden with jealousy, he deleted it and told her that the flowers were from him. Distraught, Selena left a message for Harry asking him not to call.


Comments from the EGB:

"I thought that was a good eppy! But Oh Guppy don't go falling for Nadia!!!" - Guppy is Yummy

"Cyd & Greg!! How cute?? Shame we didn't see any more of them together though...Nathan grrrrr!! Nasty piece of work!! Saying the flowers were from him and deleting Harry's text! I think I end up hating him more every week!" - Nezza

"Argh, Nadia is so annoying, although it looks like shes gonna be an interesting character, with sum good storylines- but they better not be with Guppy (as in they better not b together!)" - Guppyfan-no1

"Guppy + Shirt = Hotness!! " - Guppy is Yummy

End Rating (by June): 7/10
+ The lovely shirt gives like 5 points to that rating
+ Evilness by Kelsey to Nadia
+ Guppy action
- Nadia
- Nathan deleting Harry's message to Selena
- The guys falling for Nadia
- Selena's call to Harry

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