Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Day that is Today

Happy Anniversary to the Elyes Gabel Board! We would be out there partying now, but freeboards is messing with me again, reporting an error. I just hope they fix it today. If not, I'll be dissapointed, but there's nothing else to do but celebrate the one year and a day anniversary of the EGB tomorrow.

Also, coming up on the blog (and hopefully regularly):

- Episode reviews of the previous episode.
- All Elyes News
- Fun stuff

Just for the record...
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2) Click on the post you wish to comment on
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You can also find all sorts of fun (ok, boring) stuff up there, like a contact link and my affiliates!

Come and join the partying fun when the board works again!

1 comment:

Nezza said...

So today's the day that should've been yesterday, I think...Anyway, a big happy birthday to the EGB!! And hopefully no more freeboards errors!