Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Review: 21.31 Stitch


While on a jolly at a casino, Bardon mocked Nathan's inability to recruit a new consultant. This was overheard by a mystery man called Stitch. Later, a knifing took place and Stitch saved the victim while Nathan looked on.
Dixie urged Cyd to go home but she refused to listen. She convinced Greg to help her look for Kira's baby and after searching all night they finally found her. Greg seized his opportunity and kissed Cyd.
Nathan introduced Selena to Stitch but she was unimpressed with his handy work. The tension grew between them as Stitch questioned her judgement.
Meanwhile, Alice persuaded a reluctant Tess to allow Sam on a paramedic shift.
Stitch conned Nathan into offering him the consultant job with an enormous salary. Knowing he'd lied, Selena told Stitch to turn it down but he accepted anyway. Nathan was delighted and thrilled he'd found his man.

From: Bbc.co.uk

Comments from the EGB:

Greg & Cyd!! Yaay! And she was right, there was a baby! And wasn't she cute ^^ - Me

Stitch dont like him at all! - Saira

I really liked this eppie! I think Stitch is one of those characters that you love to hate! well for me anyway. Awwww Guppy was soooooo sweet in this eppie, and there was quite alot of him, mainly in resus, treating a patient, which was good! With the GREEN SCRUBS! - Guppyfan-no1

Did you see guppy when stitch was having that arguement with selena in ressus?? He was just stood there like a lost dog!! he so didn't know who to listen to!! And score!! more scrubs!! - Guppy is Yummy!

End Rating (by Guppy is Yummy due to lack of rating): 9/10
+ Guppy in scrubs
+ Guppy action
+ Greg & Cyd!
+ Cyd was right
+ Enormously cute child
+ Alice persuading Tess
+ Stitch
- Stitch (you decide!)
- Nathan being all...Nathan-like

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