Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Elyes is leaving Casualty

It pains me to say this, but Elyes is leaving Casualty.

The sun announced this, and confirmed this in their article:

Elyes Gabel to Leave
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Following The Sun's announcement, can confirm that actor Elyes Gabel is to leave CASUALTY.
Elyes, who has played SHO Guppy Sandhu for three years, has decided to quit the show - his last major storyline being that of Guppy's recent downfall into drug abuse.
The actor now plans to concentrate on music having been part of a 'funky folk' group who are about to start recording tracks. He added, 'I'm going to put my music out, do some gigging and earn my stripes as a musician rather than take advantage of the small name I've developed in the acting industry.'
Elyes has enjoyed a number of fantastic storylines during his time on the show including racial abuse and the death of his father, however his latest drug storyline has been challenging and he has been pleased the subject has been tackled. 'Anybody can get hooked on drugs. It's a social dependency but then it becomes more than that, it becomes a life support mechanism almost, and that's where it leads to addiction.'
To not acknowledge that is almost intentionally going away from things that are happening in society. Guppy's just completely knackered and searching for a way out, because he wants to do his job well. He's virtually getting no sleep, having to do all these intricate procedures, dealing with patients, studying for exams and then he goes out. He's having a turbulent time.
'He concludes, 'He's searching for something, almost like a crutch to lean on and help him get through this period.'
In the series finale which is to be shown next week, Guppy sinks to new lows when he makes a potentially fatal error while high on cocaine leaving mentor Stitch putting his own career in jeopardy to cover for him.

Find the article Here

This news saddens many of us, and it took me a while to be able to post this on here, hoping that it would be some kind of August 1st joke. Like that would happen..

But, how sad this may seem now, I wish Elyes all the best in his career after Casualty, and hope that his music is listenable so I can keep adoring his work.
I will ofcourse keep you up-to-date on everything Elyes, think of all the new fun stuff we'll be able to keep track of, albums, singles, new numbers, concerts! Maybe some new acting work in the future.. all the more material for a website... (no, that was not a confirmation of the website coming online. Donate me money and I will, lol.)

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