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Here is another article based on Elyes' leaving.

Elyes quits to earn his music stripes

Fans of Casualty's dashing doctor Guppy Sandhu will be sad to hear he is leaving the medical drama.And if they're hoping to catch future small screen appearances of the actor who plays him, Elyes Gabel, they may have to wait a while.

For now, Elyes is planning to have a bit of a break from acting so he can concentrate on music. He has been writing songs for years and has his own group who play what he describes as "funky folk", who will start recording in the next few weeks.
"It's a very difficult industry to get into and you've got to be very proactive," Elyes says. "I always felt a bit precious about my stuff, and I didn't want to put it out, but that's the only way to do it.
"I'm going to put my music out, do some gigging and earn my stripes as a musician rather than take advantage of the small name I've developed in the acting industry.
"I'd love to do both music and acting but you know, life isn't always that way," he continues with a smile. "It's very greedy, but if you can do them both, why not impress it on the public!"

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More or less the same, but here is another article:

Casualty doc hooked on cocaine
By TOMMY HOLGATE July 31, 2007

CASUALTY actor Elyes Gabel hopes his character's cocaine addiction highlights the dangers of drugs.
Elyes plays addicted medic Guppy Sandhu, and is glad the show has given the topic some coverage.
The 24-year-old said: "Anybody can get hooked on drugs.
"It’s a social dependency but then it becomes more than that, it becomes a life support mechanism almost, and that's where it leads to addiction."
"To not acknowledge that is almost intentionally going away from things that are happening in society."
He continued: "Guppy's just completely knackered and searching for a way out, because he wants to do his job well.
"He’s virtually getting no sleep, having to do all these intricate procedures, dealing with patients, studying for exams and then he goes out. He’s having a turbulent time.
"He’s searching for something, almost like a crutch to lean on and help him get through this period."
This week Guppy sinks to a new low, stealing cocaine from Stitch’s own secret supply.
Guppy’s drug abuse has been a great plot for Elyes to get his teeth into, but it will be his last major storyline, as he is leaving Casualty to concentrate on his music.
The actor has his own 'funky folk' group who are recording tracks in the next few weeks.
"I’m going to put my music out, do some gigging and earn my stripes as a musician rather than take advantage of the small name I’ve developed in the acting industry."

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