Friday, August 10, 2007

Poll Results: Will you keep watching Casualty?

The results for the poll are in:

Seventeen of you voted, and 58% of you think that it won't be the same, but that you will keep watching.
23% of you isn't sure, whilst 11% will definitly keep watching. A mere 5% (meaning 1 out of 17), won't be watching anymore.

I, for one, will keep watching, even though it will indeed not be the same.

One of the reasons I entered this poll was because I wanted to see how many of you are willing to keep watching, even though Elyes is leaving. It turns out, many of you are. It's also because I'm trying to work out how to change the board, what to keep and what to delete.

After Elyes's departure, the EGB will undergo a complete transformation, with new categories and things like 'Casualty Chat' being deleted. This is only because Casualty won't be a part of Elyes anymore. We can always carry our Casualty discussion forward in the TV section..

That's all..

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