Saturday, March 03, 2007

Goodies on a late Saturday Afternoon

Just thought I'd give you a quick update of what's been happening in Gabel-land:
Nothing. Thanks for that.

I do, however, have some nice info about tonights episode:
There are absolutely no Guppy action spoilers, and Elyes is tenth on the list of actors, which means he won't appear that much...again.

Edit: So foolish of me:

Elsewhere, Nadia persuades Guppy to give a patient a suppository for her. Andrea is angry when she finds him carrying out a nurse's procedure and Kelsey is made to do it instead.

Credit goes to

The episode start at 8.15 pm!

All this nice info was gotten of off the nice people at Radio Times.

So, I looked outside and saw the bright cloudy sky, and thought I'd give ya'll a little treat today. Behold the Children in Need clip with Elyes & Luke Bailey's performance.

If it doesn't work click here
Credit for uploading the vid goes to Sakuraheart from the EGB
and credit for taping and giving us the clip goes to shelliwood. Make sure you check out her site!

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Tune in tonight at 8.15 pm!

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