Monday, May 21, 2007

And Best Continuing Drama...

Congratulations to the Casualty Cast & Crew for winning the BAFTA for Best Continuing Drama. To everybody's surprise, they've beaten the big soaps Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Sadly, not everybody is happy for the Cas cast & crew. Someone at the guardian wrote this:

"And God knows why Casualty has sneaked into the lists as a nominee for Best Continuing Drama ("Continuing Drama" is the euphemism for soap). Is it because of its dogged pursuit of laughably bad storylines and its rather amusing fantasy that medical staff in A&E departments have time to sort out your family issues, plump up your pillows and dispense wise advice along with the plaster casts and paracetamol?"

I would hunt him/her down, but he/she's not worth it.

Full article Here

Also, you can watch the clip of the Casualty cast & crew receiving the award Here
Sadly, nobody spotted Elyes.. The clip is still worth watching though, they're all so proud, and they should be!

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Nezza said...

Woo! Tis proof that Cas officially rocks!

Loving the random 'car' option for the poll!!