Saturday, May 05, 2007

Review: 21.36 Aliens


After six months in Pakistan, Josh landed at Holby airport, ready to start a new life. But when the plane got stuck on the tarmac, a young Muslim boy threw a suspect bag on the floor and jumped off. Josh examined the boy and toldthe police they were dealing with a diabetic rather than a terrorist but they forced him to back off. Elsewhere, Alice voiced her suspicions to Samabout Tess and Abs. Back at Casualty, Josh passed on his diagnosis of the Muslim boy. Elsewhere, Selena broke the news to Nathan that she was expecting his baby. Confounded by his insensitivity, she told him she wouldn't be keeping it. Having diffused the terrorist alert, Josh realised that he'd always be a paramedic and told Charlie he'd withdraw his resignation. Outside, a shocked Sam watched Abs greet Tess and walk off arm in arm.


Comments by the EGB:

Am pleased to see Josh back, yea the terrorist stroyline was quite good, dont think we've really had much of a storyline in Casualty like that before. (...) Poor Alice she doesnt no what to think about Tess and Abs, is quite funny though. Suprised that there wasnt much Stitch this week, which i suppose is a good thing, he was on his best behaviour this week, well sort of. Whenever Stitch is on camera i always look for Guppy! He normally tags along behind him. - Guppyfan-no1

I agree, not enough Guppy! - However, as many others have said...nice scrubbs!! Also glad Josh is staying! - Mazluvzmilly

I thought the terrorist storyline was quite old-school Cas really, I'm glad to see that they haven't stopped shying away from controversial/political storylines. I thought it was really good, definitely the best storyline we've had in an ep for a long time (bar the Christmas/Cambodia eps of course!). (...) I wish the SWs hadn't spent so long faffing around with Sam & Alice, there was this one scene last night where they were so cute together. I kinda wish Alice hadn't told him about Tess & Abs now... - Nezza

From there, we got derailement to his shirt and his hair. Hairlengt was supposed to be next weeks topic, but they couldn't restrain theirselves...

Overal Rating: 7/10
+ Guppy action
+ Scrubs!
+ Not much Stitch
+ Tess & Abs
+ Patient storylines
+ Josh is back
- Nathan being rude to Selena about the baby..

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Nezza said...

Don't worry June, we'll find something else to derail to for this week's ep review topic!!

As you can see, I got a bit bored with my essay research...