Monday, May 28, 2007

Review: 21.38 A Long Way From Home


Terrified for Sam, Tess searched the city throughout the night. The following day, news came in of a serious incident involving a young boy of Sam's description. Tess rushed to the scene but was told it wasn't him.
Dixie announced to the paramedics that she was looking for a volunteer to relocate. Later that day, Greg defied her orders on a shout leaving Dixie wondering whether he should be the one to go.
Following a tip off, Abs discovered Sam in a homeless refuge and persuaded him to return. Tess' joy at seeing him quickly turned to despair when Sam revealed he was leaving to go travelling in Thailand. Alice raced to catch Sam before he left.
Arriving just in time, she tried to tell him how she felt. At a loss for words, Alice seized the moment and kissed him. A tearful Sam told her he had to go, leaving Alice bereft in Tess' arms.


Comments from the EGB:

Was and Ok eppy, not the best. I miss Sam though, to be honest i thought he storyline was pretty rubbish, but i knew that was coming anyway! I thought the endign was sweet, with Alice- i felt so sorry for her. I loved Abs in this eppy! I thought he was so sweet, and the way he was with Tess aswell. Aww bless... - Guppyfan-no1

I was glad to see that Guppy stood up to Stitch and stuck to what he believed was right in resus, even though Stitch was actually right, it showed that he doesn't just believe Stitch without thinking for himself. But then he was upset when the patient died I'm hoping that won't affect him too negatively in the weeks to come.
(...) Stitch with that man was brilliant! He's so gone back up in my estimation after last night, he actually does have a heart, even though he showed it in his own special way! (...) And the lorry crashing was a proper old school Cas stunt! - Nezza (She's like our queen of reviews)

Not many comments, mostly just derailement to Guppy's car, if he has one. So here are my comments again:

Sam!!! But wow, that ending was sweet! Poor Alice, though... The beginning where Tess and Abs were with those homeless people was really emotional, I felt sorry for Tess.You know what I can't understand? Dixie says one of the paramedics has to relocate. So? Big deal, take one of those nameless people we see in the background all the time. Why does she have to pick one of the main cast? What's that all about? - Like Sapphire said, almost all storylines could be avoided like that, but still. It's not fair.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
+ Scrubs
+ Storyline
+ Alice & Sam
+ Stitch treating the man instead of Nadia
- Not much Guppyness
- Sam leaving
- Sadness
- Somebody having to leave the paramedic team

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