Saturday, December 30, 2006

Let's make it a better year, for all of us

So, only one more day in 2006, and boy, am I going to make some changes on here. The reason that I haven't posted in so long is
1) there isn't much Guppy/Elyes action going on and;
2) I didn't like the way the blog looked, and left it to be taken care of some other time.
It seems now, that some other time has come. But what keeps me going is input, feedback, comments. Please, leave your comment, mark your place as an Elyes fan by joining the forum (, and leaving a comment on the blog (by clicking on 'comments' below the posts)

I will return soon with the blueprints of Elyes Gabel Watch 2007, and till then, tell me what YOU want!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm so bad

Haven't updated in a while which is bad of me, and I totally forgot to post this:


The awards results have been in for a while now. Here are the ones including Elyes/Guppy:


1st Guppy Sandhu -23.3

2nd Abs Denham - 17%

3rd Harry Harper - 13.5%

4th Luke Warren - 11.8%

5th Woody - 10%


1st Patrick Spiller - 21.6%

2nd Charlie Fairhead - 15.5%

3rd Harry Harper - 11.6%

4th Guppy Sandhu - 10.9%

5th Abs Denham - 8.4%


1st Ellen's cancer - 27.2%

2nd Woody's Death - 13.8%

3rd Abs/ Nina love - 11%

4th Guppy/ Dad - 8.4%

5th Harry/ Ellen love - 7.8%


1st Georgina Bouzova (cancer) - 36.3%

2nd Elyes Gabel (dad) - 10%

3rd Will Thorp (death) - 9.2%

4th Rebekah Gibbs (cancer) - 7.1%

5th Susan Cookson (husband) - 7%


1st Abs & Nina - 34.3%

2nd Harry & Selena - 15.1%

3rd Alice & Guppy - 14.3%

4th Ellen & Harry - 13%

5th Kelsey & Woody - 11.2%

Check out for the rest of the results!

Just wanted to say Hooray for everyone who voted and congratulations to Elyes :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oh Happy day

Don't have much time for an update at the moment. There's not very much news today, except that there was no Guppy last night which wasn't very nice, but hey, we'll survive.
Don't forget that tonight at 8 pm there's more Casualty!
Also, I've got a very lovely new affiliate, shelliwood , who has got some great screencaps and video's so go check it out!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Castcards! I'm so excited!

Don't you just love it when something new appears? has published their new castcards!

On your left hand side you can see the gorgeous new Guppy card! Click it to enlarge. It fits the new style of the Casualty theme well, I like it :) Hope you do too.

I'll be back tomorrow with the Episode review of this nights episode! Don't forget to tune in.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's all shiny and new!

Well would you just look at this? I finally kept my promise. Everybody...welcome!
You all from the Elyes Gabel Board know me, but those who don't, here's a little something about me...

I'm June, 15 years old, and I live in the Netherlands. I have been an Elyes fan for a while now, and started the Elyes Gabel Board almost a year ago. I met loads of new friends there and it's an absolute pleasure, so if you're not a member yet, go and sign in! Join the fun!

About the blog...
I've been thinking about starting an Elyes website for a while, but I don't have the time nor the money to do so. This, however, is free (I'm such a loser, aren't I?), and I can publish my foundings (I do Elyes research everyday, it's save to say I'm addicted) and just be myself.
Screencaps, pictures, episode reviews and maybe some interesting discussions from the Board will be posted.

I hope you all have fun,


btw, I'm still working on the blog, a header and tagboard will hopefully soon be added ;)