Sunday, July 29, 2007

Clips: 21.47 Seize the Day

As promised, I uploaded the two clips from yesterday's episode. Both clips are on the EGW Youtube Channel, where you can also find the other Guppy-related clips. All the Guppy clips that haven't been uploaded by me, are in the favorites on the channel, so go visit!
EGW Youtube Channel
Here are the two clips:


I need to get things organized, for you aswell as for me. Clips and screencaps are growing in numbers (mostly thanks to shelliwood, that is), and I'm not sure what to do with it all. The prospect of opening a website is becoming more and more of an idea for me to get things improved.
There are a few things that are holding me back doing this, so for now I'm just going to look into the other options and keep you up-to-date on here :)

So, there are a few things coming up...
- Screencaps from last night's episode: 21.47 Seize the Day
- Clips from last night's episode: 21.47 Seize the Day
- Screencaps from last week's episode: 21.46 Walking the Line
- A lost clip from a few weeks ago which I forgot to upload..
(the above are all thanks to shelliwood :))
- Episode Review from last night (you must get it by now)
- Spoilers for the upcoming season finale

I will organize the gallery (see Links to the right) today, uploading and organizing the screencaps. I also added the EGW Youtube Channel to the links, there you can find the clips so far.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tonight's Episode: Seize the Day

I'm back with Tonight's Episode. As we all know, there has been a lot going on lately with Guppy, but I just couldn't keep track of it on the blog, but now I am determined to do well. are the spoilers for tonight's episode (warning: These are big spoilers)

Guppy resists calling his dealer but his resistance is futile. Stitch goes out with the paramedics for the day and infuriates Maggie when he berates a patient's husband for interfering in his wife's suicide. The team blames Stitch when the man later kills himself, but Stitch shows no remorse. Meanwhile, Selena is having a bad day and misses a vital diagnosis. She later confides in Harry that she didn't go ahead with the abortion and is still pregnant.


Guppy's determined to prove he can be a good doctor.
Selena's having a bad day struggling to stay calm.
Nathan reveals to Harry that Selena had an abortion.
Guppy resorts to drugs again.
Stitch's shut out by the gang.
Harry receives some shocking news from Selena.

Selena's confused when she sees Harry. Does she still have feelings for him? Taking action against Stitch's harsh methods, the gang turn on him. Does Stitch have feelings?


Guppy is steering clear of the cocaine - just.
Meanwhile, married couple Tom and Lowri are rushed to hospital after Lowri attempted suicide.
Stitch is dismissive of Tom for intervening in the suicide attempt. When he calls off the fight to save her life, he has a dig at Tom again for calling the ambulance. Guppy tries to comfort Tom.
Elsewhere, Selena has her hands full with two bickering sisters fresh from a car accident. Just after she blows up at them, one of the sister collapses with a head injury. Harry works with Selena to save her life.
Later, Guppy finds that Tom has hanged himself. Despite attempts to revive him, Tom is declared dead. Guppy has an argument with Stitch, who is still dismissive. Upset, Guppy rings his dealer for more cocaine.

Source: Unknown (got it from Elizabeth)

A clash between Guppy and Stitch has tragic consequences. Selena reveals a shocking secret to Harry.

Source: Radiotimes

Radiotimes notes Elyes as second on the cast list, so be prepared for a lot of Guppyness tonight!

Catch Casualty on BBC 1 tonight at 8.15!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Changes are everywhere!

Or so it seems. Guppy is changing, the climate is changing, basically, the world is changing. And so is the blog (nothing major this time, I promise). Just a few basic patch-ups, maybe a new banner and I've been meaning to change the background.

On the Elyes news side:
Elyes has appeared - as mentioned earlier - on GMTV last week, and he appeared on BBC breakfast this morning. In both, he talked about Guppy's storyline, the drug-use, and he also played his guitar on GMTV.
I'm watching all the video-sites to try and spot the interviews, and I will post them as soon as I find them.

Have you recorded it? Email me Here

Also, apologies for the lack of episode reviews and spoiler updates, I'm sorry. I hope to post the spoilers for upcoming saturday this week, seeing as there's lots of Guppy action involved, and the episode reviews will return also, seeing as the season finale is coming closer...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Elyes on GMTV!

Reporting from England at the moment, but I just thought I'd give you a heads up (for those who don't know already) that Elyes will be appearing on Entertainement Today tomorrow morning, 8.35 am till about 9.30.

That was all, I'm still on holiday you know ;) Thanks to Elizabeth for reporting it on the EGB.

Also, I would really appreciate it if someone was able to record it for me and the others that can't see it. Thanks a bunch if you can! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Back-up EGB

After various emails and messages to the support people from freeboards, the EGB's host, I've giving up all hope. Annoyed that the EGB has been down for over a week, I was finally fed up. So I opened up a back-up EGB, and it might even turn out to be the new EGB if the current one won't work.
I really didn't like making this decision, because I love the current EGB, but if you can't post, there's no real reason to keep hoping.
I still hope the support people email me back, but the chances are slim. So I hope you all will join me on the back-up EGB for now!