Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Poll: Guppy's Car

It's time for the new poll! This one is a bit more complicated to add, but I think I figured it out.
This weeks question is; What would you like to see Guppy drive in? (if he has a car) You can either go the obvious 'I think Guppy will drive that car' way, or you could use your imagination and post what you would like to see Guppy drive in. So, all options possible.

I've gone a bit crazy in my search for cars, so there are a number of different options. You can also vote for the 'other' option. If you do that, please type in the name of the car, or post a link to a picture :)

Here goes:

Car 1 - Ford Puma:
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Car 2 - Mini Cooper:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Car 3 - Mercedes CLS 63 AMG (I'm sure those numbers are very important)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Car 4 - Chevrolet Pickup Truck (what? It could happen..)

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Car 5 - Volvo S60 R

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Car 6 - Volkswagen New Beetle

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Car 7 - Citroen C4

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Car 8 - Flathead Ford

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Yup, it's true. Secretly, I'm just a big car lover who only cares about what cilinder her car will have when she's old enough.
No, but really, that just sounded funny :P I went car mad, typing in every brand I knew and just searched for a picture that looked good. I know nothing about cars, except the little tid-bits I've learned from watching too much Top Gear.

Damnit, I just noticed that the pictures don't really fit.. If it bothers me too much, I might change it, if I have time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Results

Time for the results of last weeks poll. A total of eight people have voted, and the results are...interesting.
I'm also working on a new poll, but it will take a involves pictures ;) goes:

So, person who voted for 'Guppy becoming a Drug Addict', could you please tell us the reason why you voted for that option? It would mean a lot to us.

Anyway, the big winner is obviously Guppy seeing Stitch for the person he really is, which is a great thing, because we might get the good Guppy back again.

The new poll will be up soon, so keep an eye out.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Review: 21.38 A Long Way From Home


Terrified for Sam, Tess searched the city throughout the night. The following day, news came in of a serious incident involving a young boy of Sam's description. Tess rushed to the scene but was told it wasn't him.
Dixie announced to the paramedics that she was looking for a volunteer to relocate. Later that day, Greg defied her orders on a shout leaving Dixie wondering whether he should be the one to go.
Following a tip off, Abs discovered Sam in a homeless refuge and persuaded him to return. Tess' joy at seeing him quickly turned to despair when Sam revealed he was leaving to go travelling in Thailand. Alice raced to catch Sam before he left.
Arriving just in time, she tried to tell him how she felt. At a loss for words, Alice seized the moment and kissed him. A tearful Sam told her he had to go, leaving Alice bereft in Tess' arms.


Comments from the EGB:

Was and Ok eppy, not the best. I miss Sam though, to be honest i thought he storyline was pretty rubbish, but i knew that was coming anyway! I thought the endign was sweet, with Alice- i felt so sorry for her. I loved Abs in this eppy! I thought he was so sweet, and the way he was with Tess aswell. Aww bless... - Guppyfan-no1

I was glad to see that Guppy stood up to Stitch and stuck to what he believed was right in resus, even though Stitch was actually right, it showed that he doesn't just believe Stitch without thinking for himself. But then he was upset when the patient died I'm hoping that won't affect him too negatively in the weeks to come.
(...) Stitch with that man was brilliant! He's so gone back up in my estimation after last night, he actually does have a heart, even though he showed it in his own special way! (...) And the lorry crashing was a proper old school Cas stunt! - Nezza (She's like our queen of reviews)

Not many comments, mostly just derailement to Guppy's car, if he has one. So here are my comments again:

Sam!!! But wow, that ending was sweet! Poor Alice, though... The beginning where Tess and Abs were with those homeless people was really emotional, I felt sorry for Tess.You know what I can't understand? Dixie says one of the paramedics has to relocate. So? Big deal, take one of those nameless people we see in the background all the time. Why does she have to pick one of the main cast? What's that all about? - Like Sapphire said, almost all storylines could be avoided like that, but still. It's not fair.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
+ Scrubs
+ Storyline
+ Alice & Sam
+ Stitch treating the man instead of Nadia
- Not much Guppyness
- Sam leaving
- Sadness
- Somebody having to leave the paramedic team

Monday, May 21, 2007

And Best Continuing Drama...

Congratulations to the Casualty Cast & Crew for winning the BAFTA for Best Continuing Drama. To everybody's surprise, they've beaten the big soaps Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Sadly, not everybody is happy for the Cas cast & crew. Someone at the guardian wrote this:

"And God knows why Casualty has sneaked into the lists as a nominee for Best Continuing Drama ("Continuing Drama" is the euphemism for soap). Is it because of its dogged pursuit of laughably bad storylines and its rather amusing fantasy that medical staff in A&E departments have time to sort out your family issues, plump up your pillows and dispense wise advice along with the plaster casts and paracetamol?"

I would hunt him/her down, but he/she's not worth it.

Full article Here

Also, you can watch the clip of the Casualty cast & crew receiving the award Here
Sadly, nobody spotted Elyes.. The clip is still worth watching though, they're all so proud, and they should be!

Also, vote for the all new poll! --->
You can submit your own wishes, I'll post the best ones I got in a week or so :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Review: 21.37 Close Encounters


Josh was taken aback when Dixie gave him a stiff talking to for bossing her about on his first day back. Elsewhere, Tess rushed off to tell Sam that she'd made it through to a dance competition with Abs. Unable to find Sam, Tess quizzed the others and quickly sussed that he hadn't showed up for work. Overcome with guilt, Alice confessed she'd told Sam that Tess and Abs were seeing each other. Elsewhere, Nathan put pressure on Selena to have an abortion. But later that day, he managed to bond with a pair of unruly kids who shared his passion for sci-fi. Delighted with his new found parenting skills, Nathan urged Selena to keep the baby. After searching Sam's room, Greg and Alice discovered that he'd left without his medication. Frantic with worry, Tess broke down in tears and headed off to look for Sam. Charlie, Abs, Kelsey, Alice and Greg all volunteered to help.


Comments by the EGB:

I'm glad Stitch was only in the ep for a little bit, we saw the positive effects that his influence on Guppy's had; he was more confident with which cases he could deal with, by taking a more complex case than he was meant to, and just being more confident in general in actually dealing with patients.
Last night's ep was one of the funniest ones I've seen in a long while! The Doctor Proctor scene was absolute genius! "BS Syndrome"!! And there were quite a few brilliant one-liners too, loved Abs' "Kels, nicotine patch, highly recommended" And even Nathan managed to make me laugh... -

Scrubness * sigh * - Sapphire

Ok so...
- Doctor Proctor thing was funny! Aww josh.
- Not much Guppy but in scrubs.
- Nathan was sweet.
- Thought at the end when everyone was going to help look for sam was sweet to, but why didnt Guppy? -

My interesting comments because not many other people commented:
Where was Guppy with the Sam-search? Everybody was there, he should have been there. I guess he was studying or whatever, but still.
Nathan doesn't know what he wants. Get rid of the baby, keep the baby! Only because those children actually liked him doesn't mean his child will be the same. He should make up his mind. Why would Selena keep the baby anyway? I's Nathan's! -

Overal Rating: 7/10
+ Scrubsness
+ Guppyness
+ Nathan and those children
+ Good old Abs/Kelsey fun
+ High humor factor
+ Stitch being away
- Sam being missing

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Review: 21.36 Aliens


After six months in Pakistan, Josh landed at Holby airport, ready to start a new life. But when the plane got stuck on the tarmac, a young Muslim boy threw a suspect bag on the floor and jumped off. Josh examined the boy and toldthe police they were dealing with a diabetic rather than a terrorist but they forced him to back off. Elsewhere, Alice voiced her suspicions to Samabout Tess and Abs. Back at Casualty, Josh passed on his diagnosis of the Muslim boy. Elsewhere, Selena broke the news to Nathan that she was expecting his baby. Confounded by his insensitivity, she told him she wouldn't be keeping it. Having diffused the terrorist alert, Josh realised that he'd always be a paramedic and told Charlie he'd withdraw his resignation. Outside, a shocked Sam watched Abs greet Tess and walk off arm in arm.


Comments by the EGB:

Am pleased to see Josh back, yea the terrorist stroyline was quite good, dont think we've really had much of a storyline in Casualty like that before. (...) Poor Alice she doesnt no what to think about Tess and Abs, is quite funny though. Suprised that there wasnt much Stitch this week, which i suppose is a good thing, he was on his best behaviour this week, well sort of. Whenever Stitch is on camera i always look for Guppy! He normally tags along behind him. - Guppyfan-no1

I agree, not enough Guppy! - However, as many others have said...nice scrubbs!! Also glad Josh is staying! - Mazluvzmilly

I thought the terrorist storyline was quite old-school Cas really, I'm glad to see that they haven't stopped shying away from controversial/political storylines. I thought it was really good, definitely the best storyline we've had in an ep for a long time (bar the Christmas/Cambodia eps of course!). (...) I wish the SWs hadn't spent so long faffing around with Sam & Alice, there was this one scene last night where they were so cute together. I kinda wish Alice hadn't told him about Tess & Abs now... - Nezza

From there, we got derailement to his shirt and his hair. Hairlengt was supposed to be next weeks topic, but they couldn't restrain theirselves...

Overal Rating: 7/10
+ Guppy action
+ Scrubs!
+ Not much Stitch
+ Tess & Abs
+ Patient storylines
+ Josh is back
- Nathan being rude to Selena about the baby..