Friday, September 05, 2008

New Music & Live dates!

I bet it's because I've started college, because I've been so busy I haven't been able to keep up with everything. There's a big stream of Elyes news coming in all of a sudden (well, relatively big, compared to what we're used to; one message per few months).
Anyway, I received this bulletin on myspace:
From: Elyes Gabel

Date: 03 Sep 2008, 01:18

Subject: New Song and Live Dates

Hi guys.

Got another very rough song on here. They're all rough sketch
songs.....Loads of excuses i know.

Also got a couple of live dates in the north this weekend.

Hope you're all well.

Thanks again for the support.


If you check his Myspace Page you'll find the new song. There are also live dates noted on there, both for tomorrow:

Upcoming Shows

6 Sep 2008
Music Hate Racism


6 Sep 2008
Night Club


That's it for today. If I have time some day in the future, I might start working on the lyrics and expand our Elyes fancommunity!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Elyes for a Good Cause!

And yet again, there's news in Gabelfan Land!

First of all, Elyes is part of a group who have recorded a single against knife crime.

A few articles about the project:

Charity song in anti-knife campaign
Aug 26, 2008
Actors and sports stars have come together to record a rap to discourage young people from carrying knives.
The collaboration, UK Flow, is led by Sheffield-based actor and singer Stephen Nicholas, who wrote the track called Don't Carry Knives. Nicholas got the idea for the song after hearing about the many deaths from stabbings across the country.
Joining Nicholas at Yellow Arch studios in central Sheffield were world champion boxer Johnny Nelson and Hollyoaks star Lee Otway.
Girls Aloud and players from the England football and rugby squads have also
given the project their support.

You can find the article Here

The collaboration, under the name UK Flow, includes Casualty actors Luke
Bailey and Elyes Gabel, and is backed by Richard Caborn MP, Girls Aloud and
England football and rugby stars.
You can find the full article Here

Then there's the group's Facebook Page and Myspace Page, both including a picture of Elyes. As said on their Facebook page, the group (I'm not sure if it's in it's entirity, but I would think so) is performing at the Love Music Hate Racism Concert on the 6th of september. They're supporting the Kaiser Chiefs.

Then there's the other thing. Remember our previous speculation about the picture from Waterloo Road's new series? I think I can confirm that it is in fact Elyes on that picture.

Taken from the UK Flow Facebookpage:

ELYES GABEL- Casualty and now Waterloo Road. Elyes is a active campaigner
against Knife Crime.

Isn't that awesome? There's something we can look forward to!