Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Goodies and Updates

As you've probably noticed, I finally managed to make and put up a banner on the blog. Hope you like it ;) I know I do.

Also, I've added a link section for all the specials. We've only had one special so far, but I'm planning much, much more. So if you want to find the special of your choice quickly, just click on the link :)

Then there's the EGW album. I've made a Picasa web album for the blog, where all the screencaps, fanart, and other Guppy/Elyes pictures that are posted on here will appear in the albums. So far, I've only got the 'Screencap album' and an 'Avatars' album, and in that last one there are no pictures so far.

Take a look Here

I've also updated the resources with the radiotimes link, because I use it for the Tonight's Episode alot.

That's it for today!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Review: 21.35 Lush


Guppy took Stitch up on a challenge to see who could deal with the most routine cases. In his haste, Guppy scared a woman half to death and nearly killed a young boy. Alice was gobsmacked to see Tess and Abs practicing an intimate dance routine.
Elsewhere, Dixie made a snide comment when Greg showed off his and Cyd's holiday snaps. Stitch alarmed Charlie by forcing Guppy to make a life or death decision.
Meanwhile, Jeff encouraged Dixie to talk about her feelings for Cyd and fixed her up with a mate. Alice told an incredulous Kelsey that Abs and Tess were seeing each other.
Elsewhere, Selena was absolutely horrified to discover that Nathan was the father of her baby.


Comments from the EGB:

I LOVE GUPPY I LOVE GUPPY I LOVE GUPPY! (just in case you havent realised i loved him in this eppy!) (...) Also i felt so proud of him when he managed to get the op thing right, i found the way Stitch joking with him actually quite funny, although was very mean and still dont like him. - Guppyfan-no1

I hate Stitch with an absolute passion!! The bet was putting patients lives at risk, putting the ED in danger, and putting Guppy's medical career at risk. If Guppy really wants to not have another day like that he's got to wake up and see Stitch for what he really is. He may be a very good doctor, but he just doesn't seem to have the patients interests at heart; and if this continues it's going to get much worse than it did last night. Ok, so I can't blame Stitch about what happened with the methadone, but at the time Guppy's focus was on the bet, and not on the patient. And what was all that in resus about?? Unnecessary pressure! (...) And Alice's reaction to seeing Tess & Abs dancing cracked me up! - Nezza (she had a lot of constructive comments)

I think it's all less dark then we previously thought.Sadly though I think Guppy will do something stupid before he sees stitch for what he is.At which point Harry will return. - Sapphire

Yay Harry to the rescue (as always), I'd like to see Harry return to bail out Guppy, Stitch is a nasty peice of work, but I was nice to have a decent Guppy storyline for once. Can see Charlie phoning Harry saying 'you've lost your mentee, come and get him back under your wing' - shelliwood

I understand what you mean, hes [Stitch] the kind of character you love to hate, he makes it intertesting I just dont like the new guppy! - Hana

AAAHHH GGRR, I hate Stitch how can he make a challenge like that, and Guppy agreeing on it, wake up Guppy!! You can't go on like this. He's changed (and not for the better) not even carring for a young child, that's not nice .How can he still go for a drink with Stitch after all that happend that day. - Lizzy

The rest was mainly jacket talk.

End Rating: 8/10

+ Guppy's Jacket
+ Lots and lots of Guppy action
+ Good Guppy storyline
+ Abs & Tess
+ The baby being Nathan's
- Guppy going for a drink with Stitch instead of Charlie
- The baby being Nathan's (you decide again)
- Stitch
- Stitch influencing Guppy

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Jacket Special

I told you it would be here soon.
Throughout these amazing years that Guppy has filled our screens, he has worn several jackets, not shown that much, but definitly there. The jacket of last Saturday's episode, 'Lush', showed us his new jacket, which caused a discussion at the episode review. We lined up all his jackets (well, actually, Sapphire - Jacket Expert - did that..) So here we go, an extravaganza of all of Guppy's jackets.
Caution: High rate of sarcasm ahead.

Worn in: Series 19
Description: A light blue, simple jacket with a nice cut collar. And I believe it's a button one, not a zipper.

Worn in: Series 19 & 20
Description: This first jacket is a dark, but not really, blue-ish colour. It has a casual look, sure to make the ladies go mad. (but he doesn't need a jacket for that..) It looks like Jacket nr. 1, but looks can be deceiving. It really isn't.

Worn in: Series 20
Description: This is a darker, a little more casual jacket. Different to the others, this one shows that Guppy's finally starting to losen up a bit. He's not even wairing a tie anymore! (wait...wrong special..)

Worn in: Series 21
Description: This jacket was only spotted twice, both during winter time, so it could be safe to say this is a winter jacket. It has a nice hood, and is of the longer kind, making sure Guppy is warm during the icy, snowy *coughs* winter.

Worn in: Series 21
Description: The jacket that caused all this; the new jacket. This time, Guppy is showing a stylish, but casual jacket. Again, in a darker colour. As you can see, the inside is light, with a handy inside pocket for all his...stuff. Sadly, I could find only one screencap of this quite amazing jacket, but we will hopefully find more soon.

Extra Jackets:
Guppy's hasn't only worn normal jackets. Ofcourse not, he's a doctor. Here are the remaining jackets in Guppy's collection.

  • The Classic Doctor's Jacket
    Shown on Guppy's first episode. He was eager to impress, and decided to wear his classical doctors jacket. Obviously, everybody mocked him.

The Paramedic Jacket
The glorious (or not so glorious) day that Guppy got to go with the paramedics for work experience. Wasn't that lovely? He wore a nice fluorent green and dark green paramedics jacket with glow-in-the-dark PARAMEDIC letters on the back.

So there you have it, all of Guppy's jackets nicely lined up for you. Hope you liked it!

The all important credits:
With a help from: Sapphire
Screencaps from:

Monday, April 23, 2007

New Lay-out!

New Lay-out is up! It's simpler than the last one, but this one is lighter and a bit easier to use and find stuff. I saved the other one though, so it might pop back up some day.

A little tip:
If you want to find a certain group of post, for example all the old episode reviews, you can easily find them by going to 'Labels' on the right hand side of the blog, click on it, and click on the label you want to find.
So in this case, click 'Episode Review', and all the past episode reviews should appear.

Also, I'm glad to say that we have two new members in two days on the EGB, which is great. We're growing, and I know there are more of you out there!

The episode review for last saturday's episode will come up soon, I just have to work through the 3-4 pages of comments that have been made first...
And I'm also working on a special, the Guppy's Jackets special, featuring all Guppy's jackets and their special features. There's a discussion going on over at the EGB about that, and I thought it might be fun. And it kills time.

Feed my feedback hunger!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Quick Update

Just a quick update from me.
Thing have been really busy on the board, so there will be a huge episode review coming up this week, I think it's the best discussed episode yet. Probably because of all the Guppy in it :)

Something else, I'm working on a photo album to accompany the blog, and I'm also working on a weekly Guppy clip, which I will upload to YouTube and post on here once a week, but that's only if I get permission from shelliwood to use her vids, because I don't have any of the episodes and thus can't make any clips..
Also, the lay-out might change soon, but I'm not too sure yet. This will probably stick around for a while to come.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tonight's Episode 21.34

I've decided to skip the episode reviews of the last four weeks, mainly because nobody's bothered and it's a lot of work. I'll try and keep up with the upcoming episodes though!

So...all about tonight's episode:

Guppy's adulation of Stitch gets him into hot water.


(...)When Stitch barely reacts to Guppy's news about the methadone incident, Charlie worries that Stitch is a bad influence. Later, Guppy is in awe of Stitch's brilliance in a high-risk op. (...)


Charlie is concerned when Guppy's adulation of Stitch risks the life of a young boy. Selena learns the identity of her baby's father. Jeff encourages Dixie to talk about her feelings for Cyd.


Also, Elyes is number one on the cast list for tonight's episode on Radiotimes!

That's all for tonight's episode, so make sure you tune in at 8.35 pm!

And then there's one special notice:

Josie, biggest Elyes fan dropped us a line in the comments, and I'd like to give her an extra thanks because of her message. Mainly, because she's a visitor of the site, without being a member of the EGB. So she's kinda special. So thank you for leaving a message, it's highly

"Just dropping a line to say it's nice to discover plenty of others out there who are ever so slightly obsessed with Guppy! He is the hotest doctor that ever graced our TV screens. But, it's true Casualty just isn't the same without the old Guppy/Harry partenership!"
It sure isn't... And I love that feeling when I found out there are other Elyes fans out there last year, it's amazing! Thanks again! Hope you visit again soon.

Maybe I make it look like Josie's special, but all you guest of the board and the blog are to me, so please leave a message to tell me what you think of the blog!

I love you all! See you tomorrow for the episode review (...wait, did I just promise to update so soon?)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Apologies and Errors

Sorry! I know I've missed the last two episode reviews, but everything has been really busy and I couldn't keep up. I hope to update and catch up soon though.

But the main reason for my sudden re-appearence is the fact that the forum is playing up again. Freeboards seems to be having some trouble (...again), and nobody is able to post or read the 'Random Talk' topic. This glitch isn't my fault, and I sure hope freeboards fix it soon.

Till then, there's nothing I can do really, so just keep your fingers crossed in the hope that freeboards wakes up and fixes the problem!

Spoiler moment: for 21st of April

Guppy's adulation of Stitch gets him into hot water. (well, that's a surprise)
And Selena discovers who the father of her baby is. (please, don't let it be Nathan!)

The other spoilers aren't very full of Guppy, but they are interesting so make sure you check them out at BBC.

Spoilers for the same date except from

Meanwhile, Maggie is still trying to persuade Selena that she must face her situation head on and, elsewhere, Charlie worries that Stitch is a bad influence on Guppy.

Remember that there is no Casualty next week!