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Take it Easy!

I mean that in both ways. Because once you've seen it, you will have to Take it Easy. You might faint, after months and months with a lack of Guppyness. No screentime, just one song.
I mean, yes, we've all played it over a hundred times and now the lyrics by heart (or is that just me?), but it's not enough, is it?
And now, finally, I've got something for you. You can read it a dozen times, print it and drool over it. Hang it above your bed, or simply use it as a background for your computer.
Whatever you wish to do with it, it is great, and a definite must-read.

Presenting to you: The Take It Easy article with an interview with Elyes. With many thanks to shelliwood!

This should do the trick. They're also uploaded to the EGW Photo Album, which you can go to by clicking Here

And here's the entire interview to read:
I'm not running away from acting, I'm just trying something else!

After three explosive years Casualty's Dr Guppy Sandhu's leaving the show. So what's next for actor Elyes Gabel, 24?

Guppy's had some great storylines, including his current battle against a cocaine addiction. So why did you decide to leave the show?
I just felt that it was best to finish on a high. In any programme you go through peaks and troughs in terms of storylines and I've had some great ones. But it was never my intention to stay in the show for a silly length of time. Plus I think it's better that they get new blood coming in, both for the benefit of the show and for myself. I just knew that I really wanted to do something else.
That said, to be the same character for three years is a testament to how much I cared about the show and the character.

I understand you're planning to pursue a musical career...
Yes, although I'm not sure who I'd compare myself too. But it's guitar-based, funky, folk.

Will we see you on screen again?
Yes, I'm still in the fray. I'm not running away from acting. I'm just trying something else as well.

Are you pleased with your exit?
I enjoyed the last episode because it was a long burner. A lot of the time you just jump in and out of storylines. And I think that the writers gave me the chance to run with it in the end - especially in the last episode. I was very grateful for that.

Has the door been left open for you to return to the show?
Never say never...

You were in the 20th anniversary special, which was filmed in Cambodia. How was that?
It was good fun, hard work though. The people were incredible. They had a lot of pride and dignity. We weren't shooting in the big cities - we were in rural farming areas - and the one thing that struck me was the kids. When you don't realise what you're missing you play with what you have. The lack of technology... it was almost to their benefit. These people were just very happy and there was a lot to be learnt over there. It's good to get a different aspect, a change of scenery.

Did you 'find yourself out there?
I definitely think that there's scope for doing that. But I'm not going to say that I came back wanting to be a poet or anything!

Dr Guppy was beaten by racist thugs in the show. Have you experienced racism yourself?
You always experience a certain amount of bigotry no matter who you are, whether it's subtle or unseen... You just need the strength to deal with it.
It's definitely a big issue for me. There are people that look at you superficially and just see coloured skin. It's ridiculous and it does get to me. That said, I haven't experienced it a great deal. I was born here -1 lived in Canada for a bit - but I've definitely got more of a root here.

Do you feel a responsibility representing Asian characters like Guppy on screen?
I've got a very mixed race background so, although I'm not actually Asian myself, I've got distant touches of Indian in me. That's quite an interesting point - you will be more likely to take on Asian roles because that's the demographic here.
I think you have a responsibility to represent the storyline in the best way that you can. Because you're almost representing someone else who's been through that. The letters I received from people who'd been through it themselves... that definitely gave it a lot more importance.

In the past you dated Sarah Barrand, who played Shannon in Footballers'Wives. Is it easier to go out with someone who is also in the public eye?
It depends. It's different from person to person because different people have different personalities.

Are you seeing anybody now?
Sort of... But I can't say who. It's pretty early days but it is going well.

Do you get any strange fanmail?
You do get strange fanmail sometimes. I've been trying to plough through a lot of mail recently because I didn't get the chance while I was still filming. I try to respond to them all - especially if they're quite personal letters. Anything where you think that they've taken quite a lot of care and attention to write it.

How do you stay looking good?
I'm quite a sporty person so that helps. And I go to the gym a lot.

What do your family think of your success?
They're very proud of me and they're behind me 100 per cent. But they know it's a very tough business. They're pleased for me when things are going right - and there for me when things aren't going well. None of them are in the industry.

So what made you want to act?
Moving around a lot as a kid, I had to adapt to different cultures. So it was an easy thing for me to do.

Have you got lots of spare time now you've finished filming?
No, I've been really busy prepping something that I'm shooting soon, plus I'm recording stuff and I took a little while off. I'm moving, too.

Can you tell us about that new project?
It's a pilot - it's called Apparitions and I'm a guest star on it. It's quite dark, about exorcism and demons.

Who will you miss most?
I couldn't say one person. I think they're all great. Most of them I had a great relationship with. That happens when you're on location. I'll miss a hell of a lot of them.

Have you got any gigs lined up yet?
I haven't got that lined up yet. It's quite a saturated market. But trust me they're coming!


So, we have now learned that Elyes hasn't got any gigs lined up yet, isn't going to become a poet (shoot, I was so hoping for that to happen...), he had a (sort of) girlfriend at the time (that doesn't mean now, though, remember: this article is from the 16th of September) and his family is proud of him. Oh, and he tries to answer to every fanmail thing he gets.
So who's up for another EGB fanmail project?
Hope you enjoyed the article, it was good being able to post something for you again. Also, I hope you all had a very merry christmas, and all the best for the new year!

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Shame on You

Really, though, Shame on You.

Finally, we get a first taste of what Elyes' music is like. Just go check it out on his Myspace page

I will be back shortly (probably tomorrow or something), and I'll try to get the lyrics from the song written down and posted somewhere. I'm so excited! Now go listen! Quickly!


Friday, October 19, 2007

New project!

And here was me thinking I wouldn't have anything to tell you for a while. Well, apparantly, I was wrong.

Elyes has a new part in the two-part supernatural thriller for the BBC, with lead actor Martin Shaw. The thriller is called Apparitions and is currently being filmed in Liverpool. The two-parter is set to air on BBC 1 in early 2008.
Click Here for the article.

We will obviously keep you up to date on changes and news regarding Apparitions.

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EGB has moved!

Here's a quick update on some stuff that's been going on:

For one thing, sorry I didn't post the Episode Reviews. Life has been hectic with school and everything.. I failed, and I'm sorry. I will post the last Episode Review, though :)

Secondly, the Elyes Gabel Board has moved! We have a new home at over at shelliwood! Go check it out! Here! Go join now and show some love!

More stuff will come later!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Poll Results: Will you keep watching Casualty?

The results for the poll are in:

Seventeen of you voted, and 58% of you think that it won't be the same, but that you will keep watching.
23% of you isn't sure, whilst 11% will definitly keep watching. A mere 5% (meaning 1 out of 17), won't be watching anymore.

I, for one, will keep watching, even though it will indeed not be the same.

One of the reasons I entered this poll was because I wanted to see how many of you are willing to keep watching, even though Elyes is leaving. It turns out, many of you are. It's also because I'm trying to work out how to change the board, what to keep and what to delete.

After Elyes's departure, the EGB will undergo a complete transformation, with new categories and things like 'Casualty Chat' being deleted. This is only because Casualty won't be a part of Elyes anymore. We can always carry our Casualty discussion forward in the TV section..

That's all..

Thursday, August 02, 2007

More articles

Here is another article based on Elyes' leaving.

Elyes quits to earn his music stripes

Fans of Casualty's dashing doctor Guppy Sandhu will be sad to hear he is leaving the medical drama.And if they're hoping to catch future small screen appearances of the actor who plays him, Elyes Gabel, they may have to wait a while.

For now, Elyes is planning to have a bit of a break from acting so he can concentrate on music. He has been writing songs for years and has his own group who play what he describes as "funky folk", who will start recording in the next few weeks.
"It's a very difficult industry to get into and you've got to be very proactive," Elyes says. "I always felt a bit precious about my stuff, and I didn't want to put it out, but that's the only way to do it.
"I'm going to put my music out, do some gigging and earn my stripes as a musician rather than take advantage of the small name I've developed in the acting industry.
"I'd love to do both music and acting but you know, life isn't always that way," he continues with a smile. "It's very greedy, but if you can do them both, why not impress it on the public!"

From: This is

Click Here for the article.

More or less the same, but here is another article:

Casualty doc hooked on cocaine
By TOMMY HOLGATE July 31, 2007

CASUALTY actor Elyes Gabel hopes his character's cocaine addiction highlights the dangers of drugs.
Elyes plays addicted medic Guppy Sandhu, and is glad the show has given the topic some coverage.
The 24-year-old said: "Anybody can get hooked on drugs.
"It’s a social dependency but then it becomes more than that, it becomes a life support mechanism almost, and that's where it leads to addiction."
"To not acknowledge that is almost intentionally going away from things that are happening in society."
He continued: "Guppy's just completely knackered and searching for a way out, because he wants to do his job well.
"He’s virtually getting no sleep, having to do all these intricate procedures, dealing with patients, studying for exams and then he goes out. He’s having a turbulent time.
"He’s searching for something, almost like a crutch to lean on and help him get through this period."
This week Guppy sinks to a new low, stealing cocaine from Stitch’s own secret supply.
Guppy’s drug abuse has been a great plot for Elyes to get his teeth into, but it will be his last major storyline, as he is leaving Casualty to concentrate on his music.
The actor has his own 'funky folk' group who are recording tracks in the next few weeks.
"I’m going to put my music out, do some gigging and earn my stripes as a musician rather than take advantage of the small name I’ve developed in the acting industry."

From: The Sun

Click here for the article

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Elyes is leaving Casualty

It pains me to say this, but Elyes is leaving Casualty.

The sun announced this, and confirmed this in their article:

Elyes Gabel to Leave
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Following The Sun's announcement, can confirm that actor Elyes Gabel is to leave CASUALTY.
Elyes, who has played SHO Guppy Sandhu for three years, has decided to quit the show - his last major storyline being that of Guppy's recent downfall into drug abuse.
The actor now plans to concentrate on music having been part of a 'funky folk' group who are about to start recording tracks. He added, 'I'm going to put my music out, do some gigging and earn my stripes as a musician rather than take advantage of the small name I've developed in the acting industry.'
Elyes has enjoyed a number of fantastic storylines during his time on the show including racial abuse and the death of his father, however his latest drug storyline has been challenging and he has been pleased the subject has been tackled. 'Anybody can get hooked on drugs. It's a social dependency but then it becomes more than that, it becomes a life support mechanism almost, and that's where it leads to addiction.'
To not acknowledge that is almost intentionally going away from things that are happening in society. Guppy's just completely knackered and searching for a way out, because he wants to do his job well. He's virtually getting no sleep, having to do all these intricate procedures, dealing with patients, studying for exams and then he goes out. He's having a turbulent time.
'He concludes, 'He's searching for something, almost like a crutch to lean on and help him get through this period.'
In the series finale which is to be shown next week, Guppy sinks to new lows when he makes a potentially fatal error while high on cocaine leaving mentor Stitch putting his own career in jeopardy to cover for him.

Find the article Here

This news saddens many of us, and it took me a while to be able to post this on here, hoping that it would be some kind of August 1st joke. Like that would happen..

But, how sad this may seem now, I wish Elyes all the best in his career after Casualty, and hope that his music is listenable so I can keep adoring his work.
I will ofcourse keep you up-to-date on everything Elyes, think of all the new fun stuff we'll be able to keep track of, albums, singles, new numbers, concerts! Maybe some new acting work in the future.. all the more material for a website... (no, that was not a confirmation of the website coming online. Donate me money and I will, lol.)

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Clips: 21.47 Seize the Day

As promised, I uploaded the two clips from yesterday's episode. Both clips are on the EGW Youtube Channel, where you can also find the other Guppy-related clips. All the Guppy clips that haven't been uploaded by me, are in the favorites on the channel, so go visit!
EGW Youtube Channel
Here are the two clips:


I need to get things organized, for you aswell as for me. Clips and screencaps are growing in numbers (mostly thanks to shelliwood, that is), and I'm not sure what to do with it all. The prospect of opening a website is becoming more and more of an idea for me to get things improved.
There are a few things that are holding me back doing this, so for now I'm just going to look into the other options and keep you up-to-date on here :)

So, there are a few things coming up...
- Screencaps from last night's episode: 21.47 Seize the Day
- Clips from last night's episode: 21.47 Seize the Day
- Screencaps from last week's episode: 21.46 Walking the Line
- A lost clip from a few weeks ago which I forgot to upload..
(the above are all thanks to shelliwood :))
- Episode Review from last night (you must get it by now)
- Spoilers for the upcoming season finale

I will organize the gallery (see Links to the right) today, uploading and organizing the screencaps. I also added the EGW Youtube Channel to the links, there you can find the clips so far.

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Tonight's Episode: Seize the Day

I'm back with Tonight's Episode. As we all know, there has been a lot going on lately with Guppy, but I just couldn't keep track of it on the blog, but now I am determined to do well. are the spoilers for tonight's episode (warning: These are big spoilers)

Guppy resists calling his dealer but his resistance is futile. Stitch goes out with the paramedics for the day and infuriates Maggie when he berates a patient's husband for interfering in his wife's suicide. The team blames Stitch when the man later kills himself, but Stitch shows no remorse. Meanwhile, Selena is having a bad day and misses a vital diagnosis. She later confides in Harry that she didn't go ahead with the abortion and is still pregnant.


Guppy's determined to prove he can be a good doctor.
Selena's having a bad day struggling to stay calm.
Nathan reveals to Harry that Selena had an abortion.
Guppy resorts to drugs again.
Stitch's shut out by the gang.
Harry receives some shocking news from Selena.

Selena's confused when she sees Harry. Does she still have feelings for him? Taking action against Stitch's harsh methods, the gang turn on him. Does Stitch have feelings?


Guppy is steering clear of the cocaine - just.
Meanwhile, married couple Tom and Lowri are rushed to hospital after Lowri attempted suicide.
Stitch is dismissive of Tom for intervening in the suicide attempt. When he calls off the fight to save her life, he has a dig at Tom again for calling the ambulance. Guppy tries to comfort Tom.
Elsewhere, Selena has her hands full with two bickering sisters fresh from a car accident. Just after she blows up at them, one of the sister collapses with a head injury. Harry works with Selena to save her life.
Later, Guppy finds that Tom has hanged himself. Despite attempts to revive him, Tom is declared dead. Guppy has an argument with Stitch, who is still dismissive. Upset, Guppy rings his dealer for more cocaine.

Source: Unknown (got it from Elizabeth)

A clash between Guppy and Stitch has tragic consequences. Selena reveals a shocking secret to Harry.

Source: Radiotimes

Radiotimes notes Elyes as second on the cast list, so be prepared for a lot of Guppyness tonight!

Catch Casualty on BBC 1 tonight at 8.15!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Changes are everywhere!

Or so it seems. Guppy is changing, the climate is changing, basically, the world is changing. And so is the blog (nothing major this time, I promise). Just a few basic patch-ups, maybe a new banner and I've been meaning to change the background.

On the Elyes news side:
Elyes has appeared - as mentioned earlier - on GMTV last week, and he appeared on BBC breakfast this morning. In both, he talked about Guppy's storyline, the drug-use, and he also played his guitar on GMTV.
I'm watching all the video-sites to try and spot the interviews, and I will post them as soon as I find them.

Have you recorded it? Email me Here

Also, apologies for the lack of episode reviews and spoiler updates, I'm sorry. I hope to post the spoilers for upcoming saturday this week, seeing as there's lots of Guppy action involved, and the episode reviews will return also, seeing as the season finale is coming closer...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Elyes on GMTV!

Reporting from England at the moment, but I just thought I'd give you a heads up (for those who don't know already) that Elyes will be appearing on Entertainement Today tomorrow morning, 8.35 am till about 9.30.

That was all, I'm still on holiday you know ;) Thanks to Elizabeth for reporting it on the EGB.

Also, I would really appreciate it if someone was able to record it for me and the others that can't see it. Thanks a bunch if you can! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Back-up EGB

After various emails and messages to the support people from freeboards, the EGB's host, I've giving up all hope. Annoyed that the EGB has been down for over a week, I was finally fed up. So I opened up a back-up EGB, and it might even turn out to be the new EGB if the current one won't work.
I really didn't like making this decision, because I love the current EGB, but if you can't post, there's no real reason to keep hoping.
I still hope the support people email me back, but the chances are slim. So I hope you all will join me on the back-up EGB for now!

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EGB Trouble

The host for our forum, the EGB, seems to be having some trouble. The board has been offline for a few days (which has nothing to do with me), and even though you can actually reach it now, it doesn't allow you to post.
I really hope they fix it soon and until then, my apologies.. I don't like it very much either.
Next to that, I will pick up the episode reviews next week, when my summer holiday officialy starts. Also, the other two clips will be posted :)

Also look out for our weekly spoiler post about the upcoming episode!

Friday, June 22, 2007

21.42 Clip #1

Thanks to shelliwood, I now present to you one out of three clips from last saturday's episode! Not that that episode was the best of Guppy episodes, but the clips are full of Guppyness (and Stitchness for that matter).
Full credit goes to shelliwood, I only uploaded them to youtube..

The other clips will follow soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Article in TV Quick!

There's an article in the TV Quick magazine, which contains an interview with Elyes. He talks about Guppy & cocaine, the upcoming episode and his (ex)girlfriend.
Here's the article, brought to me by Elizabeth (Guppyfan-no1)

Walk On The Wild Side

Poor Guppy is up against it in Casualty and turns to cocaine this week. Actor Elyes Gabel talks about this unexpected turn of events...

The life of a young hospital doctor is not an easy one, and Casualty's Guppy seems to have a tougher time than most. This week he faces the gruesome task of amputating someones hand with an axe - and that's only the start of his nightmare day.

The medic, played by 24 year old Elyes Gabel, reaches the end of his teather when he realises he made a fatal error while treating another patient earlier that day. He expects the worse when he's summoned to see Stitch (Peter O'Brien), but instead discovers that his senior colleague has an unorthodox remedy for a rough day at work - he takes cocaine to get him through.Guppy is stunned, but the temptation to take a dose of Stitch's special medicine is overwhelming. Could this be the beginning of a downward spiral for the stressed out young doctor?

Elyes, who joined the medical drama almost three years ago, talks about this week's dramatic events.

We're about to see Guppy amputate someone's hand. It sounds gruesome!
Guppy's called out to rescue a man who has fallen into a sewer and trapped his hand. His fingers are stuck and because the water level's rising quickly, Guppy has to amptuate, and as usual, he makes a hash of it!

Do these things ever turn your stomach?
I've got over the blood now - I've done enough procedures! Sometimes you feel as if you're God and that if you saw an injured person on the street you could sort them out. On set you'll be walking along talking to someone on the phone and you'll see some guy with a massive gash on his head. You have to remind yourself you work on a medical show and it's not real!

For this week's episode you had to film inside a sewer. Was that a little grim?
It was done at an army training centre in Yeovil. We were down there filming for three days and it was very dark and incredibly cold. We had water flooding down on us constantly to get the right look. It was tough - even with special weather boots and all that, you still get wet - but it helped me get in the right frame of mind. In fact it was a joy to shoot!

Guppy turns to illegal drugs this week. Is this the beginning of the end for him?
This is the turn, the pivot, for what might happen in the future. Guppy hasn't slept for a couple of days and he definately has had a hard time of it at work. I think it reflects what happens to a lot of Senior House Officers - they may not necessarily take cocaine but they do get very ragged.I don't think it's the end for Guppy. Sometimes in life you have to go through these dips before you come out on top.

Do you worry about promoting cocaine use?
I think it's important to show a three dimensional character and show people's weaknesses. We shouldn't shy away from these kinds of issues. I don't want to make judgements about it and I'm not so naive as to think that nobody's ever tried it.

Is there any excuse for Guppy taking cocaine?
Guppy's completely drained and he's thinking, "What else can I do?" Being a doctor is all he's ever wanted to do and he's despeate to find something to get him through. Taking cocaine might not be the right answer, but it's put infront of him like a golden platter and it seems like a way forward. There are some redeeming features in his behaviour and it's up to the audience to decide the rights and wrongs of it.

You were billed as the hunky new doctor when you joined the show in 2004. Was that a daunting prospect?
When I joined, I really didn't know that was the case. I was a bit innocent, I suppose. I don't think that's the way that the character's been built up. He's just had his first sexual encounter (with medical student Maria in last weeks episode) and that was obviously unsuccessful!

What do you like to do when you aren't at work?
I play a lot of sport and I play the guitar. I'm sort of in a band and we do a few gigs, but we don't do anything that is too serious. It's just for fun.

What would you have done if you hadn't gone into acting?
I've never really thought about it. I might have gone to university or I might have taken a few years out, gone to Seville in Spain and worked on an orange farm! I grew up wanting to be an actor and did loads of stuff at school. When you're young you don't realise what an unreliable career it can be.

What was your first big break in the business?
I was very lucky. I went to drama school, but after the first year because I got cast in a childrens show called I Love Mummy. I wasn't sure that I should leave drama school, but I talked to people in the industry and they said, "Are you kidding? Just do it, mate!" I didn't want to miss the opportunity and it meant I had the chance to learn on the job.

Are you still going out with Sarah Barrand from Footballer's Wives?
No, but there is possibly someone else in my life at the moment. However, I don't really want to talk about her. For the sake of keeping things normal I think it's much better to keep quiet about this sort of thing.


Go to the EGW Album for the full version Here!


That's it from me. I hope you enjoyed reading the article, you can discuss it with us over on the EGB!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tomorrow's Episode

It's the same as tonight's episode, only a day earlier ^^

With an overflow of Guppy spoilers, I thought I'd better do this again. The upcoming three weeks are looking like a lot of Guppyness, so I'll try to keep up with the spoilers. With a little help from my spoilers analysers & experts, Nezza & Sapphire, I bet I can :)

Here goes:

Saturday 16th of June:

A binman is crushed by his lorry after rescuing a baby discarded with the rubbish, and a teenager is admitted with a post-natal haemorrhage - much to her mother's disbelief. Selena's past catches up with her and begins to affect her work as she and Nathan find themselves the subject of gossip, while Stitch plays Cupid for Guppy.

From: Itv

When a newborn baby is found abandoned by its teenage mother, Selena struggles to keep her emotions over her recent abortion hidden. Mischievious Stitch determines to help Guppy lose his innocence.

From: Radiotimes

Guppy confesses that he's a virgin. Can Stitch help him to get lucky?

From: Bbc

On the morning after the night before, Nathan and Selena have a near miss in the car park, and a bemused Guppy finds Nadia's bra in Stitch's jacket. Meanwhile, Cyd and Greg rush to save a newborn baby, although the binman who saved the baby is now severely injured. Elsewhere, Selena diagnoses a teenager with a post-partum haemorrhage and, putting two and two together, is desperate to reunite her with the baby. Cyd, distraught by memories of her own backstreet abortion, turns to Dixie for comfort. Later, Guppy goes on a date with a medical student and Stitch, having set the pair up, leaves to chat up his own prey.


So don't forget to tune in tomorrow 8.10 pm on BBC 1!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poll Results

So, the results of the poll are up. It seemed like the Mini Cooper was popular, but as the week(s) progressed, the Mercedes turned out to be the winner. I guess we all would just love to see Guppy drive a car so smooth, elegant and just awesome.. Although a Mini Cooper wouldn't be that bad..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So..the winner is...
The Mercedes!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And our shared runner-ups:
The Mini Cooper
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Ford Puma
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A new poll will be up sometime next week when I've thought of a new one and I'm not as busy as I am now.

Also, I decided to skip the last two episode reviews, because I just can't catch up, and I'd much rather pay more attention to the latest episodes and the very interesting spoilers for the upcoming episodes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Poll: Guppy's Car

It's time for the new poll! This one is a bit more complicated to add, but I think I figured it out.
This weeks question is; What would you like to see Guppy drive in? (if he has a car) You can either go the obvious 'I think Guppy will drive that car' way, or you could use your imagination and post what you would like to see Guppy drive in. So, all options possible.

I've gone a bit crazy in my search for cars, so there are a number of different options. You can also vote for the 'other' option. If you do that, please type in the name of the car, or post a link to a picture :)

Here goes:

Car 1 - Ford Puma:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Car 2 - Mini Cooper:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Car 3 - Mercedes CLS 63 AMG (I'm sure those numbers are very important)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Car 4 - Chevrolet Pickup Truck (what? It could happen..)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Car 5 - Volvo S60 R

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Car 6 - Volkswagen New Beetle

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Car 7 - Citroen C4

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Car 8 - Flathead Ford

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yup, it's true. Secretly, I'm just a big car lover who only cares about what cilinder her car will have when she's old enough.
No, but really, that just sounded funny :P I went car mad, typing in every brand I knew and just searched for a picture that looked good. I know nothing about cars, except the little tid-bits I've learned from watching too much Top Gear.

Damnit, I just noticed that the pictures don't really fit.. If it bothers me too much, I might change it, if I have time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Results

Time for the results of last weeks poll. A total of eight people have voted, and the results are...interesting.
I'm also working on a new poll, but it will take a involves pictures ;) goes:

So, person who voted for 'Guppy becoming a Drug Addict', could you please tell us the reason why you voted for that option? It would mean a lot to us.

Anyway, the big winner is obviously Guppy seeing Stitch for the person he really is, which is a great thing, because we might get the good Guppy back again.

The new poll will be up soon, so keep an eye out.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Review: 21.38 A Long Way From Home


Terrified for Sam, Tess searched the city throughout the night. The following day, news came in of a serious incident involving a young boy of Sam's description. Tess rushed to the scene but was told it wasn't him.
Dixie announced to the paramedics that she was looking for a volunteer to relocate. Later that day, Greg defied her orders on a shout leaving Dixie wondering whether he should be the one to go.
Following a tip off, Abs discovered Sam in a homeless refuge and persuaded him to return. Tess' joy at seeing him quickly turned to despair when Sam revealed he was leaving to go travelling in Thailand. Alice raced to catch Sam before he left.
Arriving just in time, she tried to tell him how she felt. At a loss for words, Alice seized the moment and kissed him. A tearful Sam told her he had to go, leaving Alice bereft in Tess' arms.


Comments from the EGB:

Was and Ok eppy, not the best. I miss Sam though, to be honest i thought he storyline was pretty rubbish, but i knew that was coming anyway! I thought the endign was sweet, with Alice- i felt so sorry for her. I loved Abs in this eppy! I thought he was so sweet, and the way he was with Tess aswell. Aww bless... - Guppyfan-no1

I was glad to see that Guppy stood up to Stitch and stuck to what he believed was right in resus, even though Stitch was actually right, it showed that he doesn't just believe Stitch without thinking for himself. But then he was upset when the patient died I'm hoping that won't affect him too negatively in the weeks to come.
(...) Stitch with that man was brilliant! He's so gone back up in my estimation after last night, he actually does have a heart, even though he showed it in his own special way! (...) And the lorry crashing was a proper old school Cas stunt! - Nezza (She's like our queen of reviews)

Not many comments, mostly just derailement to Guppy's car, if he has one. So here are my comments again:

Sam!!! But wow, that ending was sweet! Poor Alice, though... The beginning where Tess and Abs were with those homeless people was really emotional, I felt sorry for Tess.You know what I can't understand? Dixie says one of the paramedics has to relocate. So? Big deal, take one of those nameless people we see in the background all the time. Why does she have to pick one of the main cast? What's that all about? - Like Sapphire said, almost all storylines could be avoided like that, but still. It's not fair.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
+ Scrubs
+ Storyline
+ Alice & Sam
+ Stitch treating the man instead of Nadia
- Not much Guppyness
- Sam leaving
- Sadness
- Somebody having to leave the paramedic team

Monday, May 21, 2007

And Best Continuing Drama...

Congratulations to the Casualty Cast & Crew for winning the BAFTA for Best Continuing Drama. To everybody's surprise, they've beaten the big soaps Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Sadly, not everybody is happy for the Cas cast & crew. Someone at the guardian wrote this:

"And God knows why Casualty has sneaked into the lists as a nominee for Best Continuing Drama ("Continuing Drama" is the euphemism for soap). Is it because of its dogged pursuit of laughably bad storylines and its rather amusing fantasy that medical staff in A&E departments have time to sort out your family issues, plump up your pillows and dispense wise advice along with the plaster casts and paracetamol?"

I would hunt him/her down, but he/she's not worth it.

Full article Here

Also, you can watch the clip of the Casualty cast & crew receiving the award Here
Sadly, nobody spotted Elyes.. The clip is still worth watching though, they're all so proud, and they should be!

Also, vote for the all new poll! --->
You can submit your own wishes, I'll post the best ones I got in a week or so :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Review: 21.37 Close Encounters


Josh was taken aback when Dixie gave him a stiff talking to for bossing her about on his first day back. Elsewhere, Tess rushed off to tell Sam that she'd made it through to a dance competition with Abs. Unable to find Sam, Tess quizzed the others and quickly sussed that he hadn't showed up for work. Overcome with guilt, Alice confessed she'd told Sam that Tess and Abs were seeing each other. Elsewhere, Nathan put pressure on Selena to have an abortion. But later that day, he managed to bond with a pair of unruly kids who shared his passion for sci-fi. Delighted with his new found parenting skills, Nathan urged Selena to keep the baby. After searching Sam's room, Greg and Alice discovered that he'd left without his medication. Frantic with worry, Tess broke down in tears and headed off to look for Sam. Charlie, Abs, Kelsey, Alice and Greg all volunteered to help.


Comments by the EGB:

I'm glad Stitch was only in the ep for a little bit, we saw the positive effects that his influence on Guppy's had; he was more confident with which cases he could deal with, by taking a more complex case than he was meant to, and just being more confident in general in actually dealing with patients.
Last night's ep was one of the funniest ones I've seen in a long while! The Doctor Proctor scene was absolute genius! "BS Syndrome"!! And there were quite a few brilliant one-liners too, loved Abs' "Kels, nicotine patch, highly recommended" And even Nathan managed to make me laugh... -

Scrubness * sigh * - Sapphire

Ok so...
- Doctor Proctor thing was funny! Aww josh.
- Not much Guppy but in scrubs.
- Nathan was sweet.
- Thought at the end when everyone was going to help look for sam was sweet to, but why didnt Guppy? -

My interesting comments because not many other people commented:
Where was Guppy with the Sam-search? Everybody was there, he should have been there. I guess he was studying or whatever, but still.
Nathan doesn't know what he wants. Get rid of the baby, keep the baby! Only because those children actually liked him doesn't mean his child will be the same. He should make up his mind. Why would Selena keep the baby anyway? I's Nathan's! -

Overal Rating: 7/10
+ Scrubsness
+ Guppyness
+ Nathan and those children
+ Good old Abs/Kelsey fun
+ High humor factor
+ Stitch being away
- Sam being missing

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Review: 21.36 Aliens


After six months in Pakistan, Josh landed at Holby airport, ready to start a new life. But when the plane got stuck on the tarmac, a young Muslim boy threw a suspect bag on the floor and jumped off. Josh examined the boy and toldthe police they were dealing with a diabetic rather than a terrorist but they forced him to back off. Elsewhere, Alice voiced her suspicions to Samabout Tess and Abs. Back at Casualty, Josh passed on his diagnosis of the Muslim boy. Elsewhere, Selena broke the news to Nathan that she was expecting his baby. Confounded by his insensitivity, she told him she wouldn't be keeping it. Having diffused the terrorist alert, Josh realised that he'd always be a paramedic and told Charlie he'd withdraw his resignation. Outside, a shocked Sam watched Abs greet Tess and walk off arm in arm.


Comments by the EGB:

Am pleased to see Josh back, yea the terrorist stroyline was quite good, dont think we've really had much of a storyline in Casualty like that before. (...) Poor Alice she doesnt no what to think about Tess and Abs, is quite funny though. Suprised that there wasnt much Stitch this week, which i suppose is a good thing, he was on his best behaviour this week, well sort of. Whenever Stitch is on camera i always look for Guppy! He normally tags along behind him. - Guppyfan-no1

I agree, not enough Guppy! - However, as many others have said...nice scrubbs!! Also glad Josh is staying! - Mazluvzmilly

I thought the terrorist storyline was quite old-school Cas really, I'm glad to see that they haven't stopped shying away from controversial/political storylines. I thought it was really good, definitely the best storyline we've had in an ep for a long time (bar the Christmas/Cambodia eps of course!). (...) I wish the SWs hadn't spent so long faffing around with Sam & Alice, there was this one scene last night where they were so cute together. I kinda wish Alice hadn't told him about Tess & Abs now... - Nezza

From there, we got derailement to his shirt and his hair. Hairlengt was supposed to be next weeks topic, but they couldn't restrain theirselves...

Overal Rating: 7/10
+ Guppy action
+ Scrubs!
+ Not much Stitch
+ Tess & Abs
+ Patient storylines
+ Josh is back
- Nathan being rude to Selena about the baby..

Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Goodies and Updates

As you've probably noticed, I finally managed to make and put up a banner on the blog. Hope you like it ;) I know I do.

Also, I've added a link section for all the specials. We've only had one special so far, but I'm planning much, much more. So if you want to find the special of your choice quickly, just click on the link :)

Then there's the EGW album. I've made a Picasa web album for the blog, where all the screencaps, fanart, and other Guppy/Elyes pictures that are posted on here will appear in the albums. So far, I've only got the 'Screencap album' and an 'Avatars' album, and in that last one there are no pictures so far.

Take a look Here

I've also updated the resources with the radiotimes link, because I use it for the Tonight's Episode alot.

That's it for today!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Review: 21.35 Lush


Guppy took Stitch up on a challenge to see who could deal with the most routine cases. In his haste, Guppy scared a woman half to death and nearly killed a young boy. Alice was gobsmacked to see Tess and Abs practicing an intimate dance routine.
Elsewhere, Dixie made a snide comment when Greg showed off his and Cyd's holiday snaps. Stitch alarmed Charlie by forcing Guppy to make a life or death decision.
Meanwhile, Jeff encouraged Dixie to talk about her feelings for Cyd and fixed her up with a mate. Alice told an incredulous Kelsey that Abs and Tess were seeing each other.
Elsewhere, Selena was absolutely horrified to discover that Nathan was the father of her baby.


Comments from the EGB:

I LOVE GUPPY I LOVE GUPPY I LOVE GUPPY! (just in case you havent realised i loved him in this eppy!) (...) Also i felt so proud of him when he managed to get the op thing right, i found the way Stitch joking with him actually quite funny, although was very mean and still dont like him. - Guppyfan-no1

I hate Stitch with an absolute passion!! The bet was putting patients lives at risk, putting the ED in danger, and putting Guppy's medical career at risk. If Guppy really wants to not have another day like that he's got to wake up and see Stitch for what he really is. He may be a very good doctor, but he just doesn't seem to have the patients interests at heart; and if this continues it's going to get much worse than it did last night. Ok, so I can't blame Stitch about what happened with the methadone, but at the time Guppy's focus was on the bet, and not on the patient. And what was all that in resus about?? Unnecessary pressure! (...) And Alice's reaction to seeing Tess & Abs dancing cracked me up! - Nezza (she had a lot of constructive comments)

I think it's all less dark then we previously thought.Sadly though I think Guppy will do something stupid before he sees stitch for what he is.At which point Harry will return. - Sapphire

Yay Harry to the rescue (as always), I'd like to see Harry return to bail out Guppy, Stitch is a nasty peice of work, but I was nice to have a decent Guppy storyline for once. Can see Charlie phoning Harry saying 'you've lost your mentee, come and get him back under your wing' - shelliwood

I understand what you mean, hes [Stitch] the kind of character you love to hate, he makes it intertesting I just dont like the new guppy! - Hana

AAAHHH GGRR, I hate Stitch how can he make a challenge like that, and Guppy agreeing on it, wake up Guppy!! You can't go on like this. He's changed (and not for the better) not even carring for a young child, that's not nice .How can he still go for a drink with Stitch after all that happend that day. - Lizzy

The rest was mainly jacket talk.

End Rating: 8/10

+ Guppy's Jacket
+ Lots and lots of Guppy action
+ Good Guppy storyline
+ Abs & Tess
+ The baby being Nathan's
- Guppy going for a drink with Stitch instead of Charlie
- The baby being Nathan's (you decide again)
- Stitch
- Stitch influencing Guppy

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Jacket Special

I told you it would be here soon.
Throughout these amazing years that Guppy has filled our screens, he has worn several jackets, not shown that much, but definitly there. The jacket of last Saturday's episode, 'Lush', showed us his new jacket, which caused a discussion at the episode review. We lined up all his jackets (well, actually, Sapphire - Jacket Expert - did that..) So here we go, an extravaganza of all of Guppy's jackets.
Caution: High rate of sarcasm ahead.

Worn in: Series 19
Description: A light blue, simple jacket with a nice cut collar. And I believe it's a button one, not a zipper.

Worn in: Series 19 & 20
Description: This first jacket is a dark, but not really, blue-ish colour. It has a casual look, sure to make the ladies go mad. (but he doesn't need a jacket for that..) It looks like Jacket nr. 1, but looks can be deceiving. It really isn't.

Worn in: Series 20
Description: This is a darker, a little more casual jacket. Different to the others, this one shows that Guppy's finally starting to losen up a bit. He's not even wairing a tie anymore! (wait...wrong special..)

Worn in: Series 21
Description: This jacket was only spotted twice, both during winter time, so it could be safe to say this is a winter jacket. It has a nice hood, and is of the longer kind, making sure Guppy is warm during the icy, snowy *coughs* winter.

Worn in: Series 21
Description: The jacket that caused all this; the new jacket. This time, Guppy is showing a stylish, but casual jacket. Again, in a darker colour. As you can see, the inside is light, with a handy inside pocket for all his...stuff. Sadly, I could find only one screencap of this quite amazing jacket, but we will hopefully find more soon.

Extra Jackets:
Guppy's hasn't only worn normal jackets. Ofcourse not, he's a doctor. Here are the remaining jackets in Guppy's collection.

  • The Classic Doctor's Jacket
    Shown on Guppy's first episode. He was eager to impress, and decided to wear his classical doctors jacket. Obviously, everybody mocked him.

The Paramedic Jacket
The glorious (or not so glorious) day that Guppy got to go with the paramedics for work experience. Wasn't that lovely? He wore a nice fluorent green and dark green paramedics jacket with glow-in-the-dark PARAMEDIC letters on the back.

So there you have it, all of Guppy's jackets nicely lined up for you. Hope you liked it!

The all important credits:
With a help from: Sapphire
Screencaps from: