Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Review: 21.31 Stitch


While on a jolly at a casino, Bardon mocked Nathan's inability to recruit a new consultant. This was overheard by a mystery man called Stitch. Later, a knifing took place and Stitch saved the victim while Nathan looked on.
Dixie urged Cyd to go home but she refused to listen. She convinced Greg to help her look for Kira's baby and after searching all night they finally found her. Greg seized his opportunity and kissed Cyd.
Nathan introduced Selena to Stitch but she was unimpressed with his handy work. The tension grew between them as Stitch questioned her judgement.
Meanwhile, Alice persuaded a reluctant Tess to allow Sam on a paramedic shift.
Stitch conned Nathan into offering him the consultant job with an enormous salary. Knowing he'd lied, Selena told Stitch to turn it down but he accepted anyway. Nathan was delighted and thrilled he'd found his man.

From: Bbc.co.uk

Comments from the EGB:

Greg & Cyd!! Yaay! And she was right, there was a baby! And wasn't she cute ^^ - Me

Stitch dont like him at all! - Saira

I really liked this eppie! I think Stitch is one of those characters that you love to hate! well for me anyway. Awwww Guppy was soooooo sweet in this eppie, and there was quite alot of him, mainly in resus, treating a patient, which was good! With the GREEN SCRUBS! - Guppyfan-no1

Did you see guppy when stitch was having that arguement with selena in ressus?? He was just stood there like a lost dog!! he so didn't know who to listen to!! And score!! more scrubs!! - Guppy is Yummy!

End Rating (by Guppy is Yummy due to lack of rating): 9/10
+ Guppy in scrubs
+ Guppy action
+ Greg & Cyd!
+ Cyd was right
+ Enormously cute child
+ Alice persuading Tess
+ Stitch
- Stitch (you decide!)
- Nathan being all...Nathan-like

Review: 21.30 A World Elswhere


Still reeling from Greg's infidelities with Andrea, Cyd refused to make amends with the apologetic paramedic. During a shout, she felt a strong connection to an Irish lass called Kira who later died.
Jeff persuaded a psychic to predict a winner on a horse race. Expecting to come up trumps, he rallied the troops for a party. A humiliated Jeff promptly cancelled the celebration when the horse lost. Nadia failed to impress Abs with Kylie tickets.
Elsewhere, convinced Kira's spirit was trying to communicate with her, Cyd informed Kira's parents that their daughter had a baby. Horrified, Kira's father demanded Cyd be dismissed for causing unnecessary distress.
Meanwhile, Dixie and Greg became gravely concerned for Cyd's welfare.

From: Bbc.co.uk

Comments from the EGB:

First things first : Scrubsssss!! I'm not really sure what to think of last night's ep, tbh, it was all a bit strange really... After reading the spoilers I thought I'd enjoy it more. (...) Loving the whole Kelsey v Nadia thing that's going on too, and how Kelsey gave her ticket to that bloke! - Nezza

Anyway, i found the storyline with Cyd was kinda scary the way they had hte effect of the freaky music when they get holding that hairband freaked me out! hehe. Kelsey was wicked, give the ticket to that tramp, Nadia' face was class. - Guppyfan-no1

Wow...not a really popular episode... lack of comments make this hard.

End ratings (by Nezza as nobody rated, tsk tsk.): 6/10
+ Guppy in scrubs
+ Kelsey versus Nadia
- Cyd acting scary
- Weird episode

Due to lack of comments and not having seen this episode myself, rating and commenting was hard. Please forgive me..

Review: 21.29 Sweet Charity

Ok, ok, worst updater ever. I know. I've just been busy, you know? Anyway, ready to start of with review nr. 1, the Comic Relief special:


Killjoy Nathan pulled the plug on the staff's Comic Relief fundraising efforts and advised them to stop wasting NHS time. Outside, Abs geared up for a sponsored sleep-out in his camper van.
Former nurse Megan Roach turned up at Holby to see her grandson, Colum. Whilst she was reminiscing with Charlie, Colum had a psychotic episode. He jumped into Abs' van and dangerously sped off.
Back in Holby, Sam cleverly tricked comedian Angus Deayton into hosting a charity 'slave' auction. Meanwhile, Abs' van veered off the road after Colum lost control. Luckily, they both managed to escape with their lives.
At the auction, Nadia made an extremely extravagant bid for Guppy. Elsewhere, Megan gave Nathan a talking to. Her words hit home and to everyone's astonishment, Nathan made a generous donation to the Comic Relief swear box.

From: Bbc.co.uk

Comments from the EGB:

That ep was totally worth the hype, a definite highlight of series 21 so far for me! Practically all of the staff were absolute legends, and even Nathan at the end of the ep had me in stitches! (...) The patient storylines were really interesting too, those kinda storylines would've worked in any ep. The splinter though, I couldn't watch! - Nezza

What a fabulous eppy! (...) Dixie with the no kissing sign,= haha! hilarious. Angus Deayton fainting= haha! class... - Guppyfan-no1

And Abs with red hair! Only I was a bit bummed out that the van was kinda smashed when the accident happened... - June

I loved Sams line "now you are my puppy, I've always wanted to say that", loved it, haha.More Guppy action, yeah. Him and his red wig, haha. And in his white sheet , only bumed that Nadia 'won' him, wasn't to happy about that.. - Lizzy

End ratings (by EGB members): 9/10

+ Guppy's shirt
+ Guppy in toga
+ The patient storylines
+ Abs' red hair
+ Nathan going good at the end
+ Dixie & Jeff action!
+ Lots of comic relief!
- Nadia winning Guppy (you know he's ours...)
- Abs' van being smashed

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tonight's Episode 21.29

Tonight's episode spoilers:

Much-loved former staff member, Megan Roach, returns with her grandchild.
Guppy's up for sale in a Comic Relief 'slave' auction, but who'll reap the rewards?

From the week before: And Nadia pays a premium to have her way with Guppy.

From: Bbc.co.uk

'Sweet Charity' : Sam, Alice, Guppy, Kelsey and other staff members attempt various fundraising schemes for Comic Relief, much to Nathan's annoyance and he bans any further fundraising. Angus Deayton is at the hospital to have a splinter removed from his finger. Sam blackmails him into helping them with an auction for Comic Relief. Nathan then changes his mind after speaking to a former nurse at the hospital and supports the staff's attempts to raise money.

From: Holby.tv

Richard Curtis co-wrote this heavily Comic Relief-themed episode, so you can expect a bit more lesson-learning than normal, (Note: Like casualty isn't always lesson-learning!) particularly right at the end, when staff are given a few home truths about the reasons behind this week's funfest. Just about everyone in the hospital is fundraising, despite the vocal misgivings of tedious, lunk-headed boss Nathan. Brownies for a pound, sponsored sleep-outs - you name it, all money-earning ideas are here. As is Brenda Fricker, making a welcome return to the wards after an 18-year-absence. She adds a bit of class to the proceedings and there's an unexpectedly touching scene where she soothes the distressed brow of her troubled, mentally ill grandson. Watch out, too, for Angus Deayton, playing himself as a grumpy comic who's blackmailed into MC-ing the hospital's slave auction. Very silly.

From: Radiotimes.com

Tune in on the Comic Relief Casualty Episode tonight at 8.50 pm!

Extra News:

Make sure you watch Masterchef goes Large on monday 12th of March. The three finalists will be cooking a (hopefully) tasty meal for the cast and crew of Casualty.

Masterchef goes Large on Monday 12th of March, 8.30 pm!

Review: 21.28 Combat Indicators (part 2)


Cyd tried to avoid Andrea but they were forced to work together on a live bomb site. Despite Cyd's best efforts, a young boy died. Greg comforted her and was annoyed with Andrea for being so dismissive.
Back at Holby, Kelsey was star struck by a news anchor who was injured in the blast. He asked Kelsey to star in a special report but ditched her in favour of Nadia. To get her own back, Kelsey sabotaged the report.
Greg realised that there was no longer any spark between him and Andrea and told her it was over. Elsewhere, Selena warned Nathan that she would make things very difficult for him if Andrea didn't leave.
Andrea told Nathan that she was leaving. Not missing a trick, Nathan informed Selena that he'd given her the boot. Meanwhile, Greg tried to get back with Cyd but, to Dixie's delight, shewasn't interested.

From: Bbc.co.uk

Comments from the EGB:

Bye bye Andrea!! I'm so glad she's gone, she was so heartless! (...) Kelsey the supernurse!! She's an absolute legend, the vomit!! Nadia didn't deserve to be on tv... (...)I really liked how all the patient storylines all revolved around one event, it worked really well in that ep. - Nezza

Jeff was sweet when he got emotional. - Guppyfan-no1

I liked this episode, there where great story lines.Where was Guppy , whe miss you, whe need you. Come back to us, haha. (...) I hate Nathan, with his "I did what you asked" to Selena, when Andrea whas the one that left, he was too scared to ask himself. - Lizzy

Cyd and Greg: Awww!
Guppy: HOT!
Nathan: Evil!
Kelsey: Classic!
Nadia: Bimbo!
Jeff: Aww!
Andrea: Grr! - Guppy is Yummy

End ratings (by EGB members): 7.5/10

+ The bomb storyline
+ Andrea leaving
+ Kelsey
+ Jeff being all adorable
+ Greg breaking up with Andrea
+ Dixie's comment to Andrea
- Cyd rejecting Greg (though understandable)
- Nathan
- Andrea
- Lack of Guppy

Friday, March 09, 2007

Deadline for your message!

As you might know, the EGB is organizing a scrapbook project to send to Elyes for his birthday and as a 1 year anniversary EGB project. This project will include your message, history of the EGB, an introduction to the EGB and some other stuff. You can send in anything else you want, like art, poems, whatever you like. We'd love your message for Elyes, so post your message here! (under projects)

Also, according to Nezza from the EGB (just in case she's wrong ;)):
There is an extra episode of Casualty on March 18th, another two parter. Check back here to see if this piece of rumour was true and possible spoilers!

Extra goodie:
If you haven't already, check out the backstage clip on the casualty website and watch the upcoming Guppy action!

I'll keep you up to date with extra Guppy spoilers or other things and the episode review for Wednesday's episode will be up tomorrow too!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Review: 21.27 Combat Indicators (part 1)

Harry's replacement, Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Peterson, immediately rubbed the staff up the wrong way with her brusque manner. Selena gave her a talking to but got a distinctly frosty reception. Nadia persuaded Guppy to give a suppository because her fingernails were too long. When Andrea asked him why he was doing a nurse's job, he covered for Nadia saying that she'd been called away. Greg was stunned when he realised that the new doctor was his ex. Andrea told Greg that she'd left her husband and reminded him that he'd promised to wait a year for her. Andrea found Greg in the back of an ambulance and asked him if he loved Cyd. Unable to answer, he kissed her. Just as things were heating up, Dixie and Cyd flung open the door.
From: Bbc.co.uk

Comment from the EGB:

I liked the patient storylines, and I thought how they dealt with them was a bit different to what's usually done, there wasn't like one obviously main one all the way through. - Nezza

I couldnt stand Andrea at all, and her bedside manner was just awful! I hated her more than Nadia, and thats saying something. I cant believe she was the love of Gregs life. (...) Ok why did Guppy stick up for Nadia? Has he gone insane? No of course, hes lovely, but still. - Guppfan-no1

Although I loved the comment about the razor and what she said too Nadia, I really really don't like Andrea. How can she split up Greg&Cyd, there a lovely couple. - Lizzy
Jeff and Dixie omg They are jokers.. i luv jeff! he is soo funny and a typical bloke innit. - Saira

End Rating (by EGB members): 7/10
+ The patients storylines
+ Jeff & Dixie
+ The shirt? (You decide, good or bad)
- Andrea
- Nadia (still)
- The shirt?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Goodies on a late Saturday Afternoon

Just thought I'd give you a quick update of what's been happening in Gabel-land:
Nothing. Thanks for that.

I do, however, have some nice info about tonights episode:
There are absolutely no Guppy action spoilers, and Elyes is tenth on the list of actors, which means he won't appear that much...again.

Edit: So foolish of me:

Elsewhere, Nadia persuades Guppy to give a patient a suppository for her. Andrea is angry when she finds him carrying out a nurse's procedure and Kelsey is made to do it instead.

Credit goes to Holby.tv

The episode start at 8.15 pm!

All this nice info was gotten of off the nice people at Radio Times.

So, I looked outside and saw the bright cloudy sky, and thought I'd give ya'll a little treat today. Behold the Children in Need clip with Elyes & Luke Bailey's performance.

If it doesn't work click here
Credit for uploading the vid goes to Sakuraheart from the EGB
and credit for taping and giving us the clip goes to shelliwood. Make sure you check out her site!

Also, to comment on this post, click on the number next to the Title and Date at the top of this post!

Tune in tonight at 8.15 pm!