Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Review: 21.27 Combat Indicators (part 1)

Harry's replacement, Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Peterson, immediately rubbed the staff up the wrong way with her brusque manner. Selena gave her a talking to but got a distinctly frosty reception. Nadia persuaded Guppy to give a suppository because her fingernails were too long. When Andrea asked him why he was doing a nurse's job, he covered for Nadia saying that she'd been called away. Greg was stunned when he realised that the new doctor was his ex. Andrea told Greg that she'd left her husband and reminded him that he'd promised to wait a year for her. Andrea found Greg in the back of an ambulance and asked him if he loved Cyd. Unable to answer, he kissed her. Just as things were heating up, Dixie and Cyd flung open the door.
From: Bbc.co.uk

Comment from the EGB:

I liked the patient storylines, and I thought how they dealt with them was a bit different to what's usually done, there wasn't like one obviously main one all the way through. - Nezza

I couldnt stand Andrea at all, and her bedside manner was just awful! I hated her more than Nadia, and thats saying something. I cant believe she was the love of Gregs life. (...) Ok why did Guppy stick up for Nadia? Has he gone insane? No of course, hes lovely, but still. - Guppfan-no1

Although I loved the comment about the razor and what she said too Nadia, I really really don't like Andrea. How can she split up Greg&Cyd, there a lovely couple. - Lizzy
Jeff and Dixie omg They are jokers.. i luv jeff! he is soo funny and a typical bloke innit. - Saira

End Rating (by EGB members): 7/10
+ The patients storylines
+ Jeff & Dixie
+ The shirt? (You decide, good or bad)
- Andrea
- Nadia (still)
- The shirt?

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Nezza said...

As you probably know from some of my previous comments on the EGB, the shirt is a big minus!!