Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Review: 21.29 Sweet Charity

Ok, ok, worst updater ever. I know. I've just been busy, you know? Anyway, ready to start of with review nr. 1, the Comic Relief special:


Killjoy Nathan pulled the plug on the staff's Comic Relief fundraising efforts and advised them to stop wasting NHS time. Outside, Abs geared up for a sponsored sleep-out in his camper van.
Former nurse Megan Roach turned up at Holby to see her grandson, Colum. Whilst she was reminiscing with Charlie, Colum had a psychotic episode. He jumped into Abs' van and dangerously sped off.
Back in Holby, Sam cleverly tricked comedian Angus Deayton into hosting a charity 'slave' auction. Meanwhile, Abs' van veered off the road after Colum lost control. Luckily, they both managed to escape with their lives.
At the auction, Nadia made an extremely extravagant bid for Guppy. Elsewhere, Megan gave Nathan a talking to. Her words hit home and to everyone's astonishment, Nathan made a generous donation to the Comic Relief swear box.

From: Bbc.co.uk

Comments from the EGB:

That ep was totally worth the hype, a definite highlight of series 21 so far for me! Practically all of the staff were absolute legends, and even Nathan at the end of the ep had me in stitches! (...) The patient storylines were really interesting too, those kinda storylines would've worked in any ep. The splinter though, I couldn't watch! - Nezza

What a fabulous eppy! (...) Dixie with the no kissing sign,= haha! hilarious. Angus Deayton fainting= haha! class... - Guppyfan-no1

And Abs with red hair! Only I was a bit bummed out that the van was kinda smashed when the accident happened... - June

I loved Sams line "now you are my puppy, I've always wanted to say that", loved it, haha.More Guppy action, yeah. Him and his red wig, haha. And in his white sheet , only bumed that Nadia 'won' him, wasn't to happy about that.. - Lizzy

End ratings (by EGB members): 9/10

+ Guppy's shirt
+ Guppy in toga
+ The patient storylines
+ Abs' red hair
+ Nathan going good at the end
+ Dixie & Jeff action!
+ Lots of comic relief!
- Nadia winning Guppy (you know he's ours...)
- Abs' van being smashed

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