Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tonight's Episode 21.29

Tonight's episode spoilers:

Much-loved former staff member, Megan Roach, returns with her grandchild.
Guppy's up for sale in a Comic Relief 'slave' auction, but who'll reap the rewards?

From the week before: And Nadia pays a premium to have her way with Guppy.


'Sweet Charity' : Sam, Alice, Guppy, Kelsey and other staff members attempt various fundraising schemes for Comic Relief, much to Nathan's annoyance and he bans any further fundraising. Angus Deayton is at the hospital to have a splinter removed from his finger. Sam blackmails him into helping them with an auction for Comic Relief. Nathan then changes his mind after speaking to a former nurse at the hospital and supports the staff's attempts to raise money.


Richard Curtis co-wrote this heavily Comic Relief-themed episode, so you can expect a bit more lesson-learning than normal, (Note: Like casualty isn't always lesson-learning!) particularly right at the end, when staff are given a few home truths about the reasons behind this week's funfest. Just about everyone in the hospital is fundraising, despite the vocal misgivings of tedious, lunk-headed boss Nathan. Brownies for a pound, sponsored sleep-outs - you name it, all money-earning ideas are here. As is Brenda Fricker, making a welcome return to the wards after an 18-year-absence. She adds a bit of class to the proceedings and there's an unexpectedly touching scene where she soothes the distressed brow of her troubled, mentally ill grandson. Watch out, too, for Angus Deayton, playing himself as a grumpy comic who's blackmailed into MC-ing the hospital's slave auction. Very silly.


Tune in on the Comic Relief Casualty Episode tonight at 8.50 pm!

Extra News:

Make sure you watch Masterchef goes Large on monday 12th of March. The three finalists will be cooking a (hopefully) tasty meal for the cast and crew of Casualty.

Masterchef goes Large on Monday 12th of March, 8.30 pm!

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