Saturday, March 10, 2007

Review: 21.28 Combat Indicators (part 2)


Cyd tried to avoid Andrea but they were forced to work together on a live bomb site. Despite Cyd's best efforts, a young boy died. Greg comforted her and was annoyed with Andrea for being so dismissive.
Back at Holby, Kelsey was star struck by a news anchor who was injured in the blast. He asked Kelsey to star in a special report but ditched her in favour of Nadia. To get her own back, Kelsey sabotaged the report.
Greg realised that there was no longer any spark between him and Andrea and told her it was over. Elsewhere, Selena warned Nathan that she would make things very difficult for him if Andrea didn't leave.
Andrea told Nathan that she was leaving. Not missing a trick, Nathan informed Selena that he'd given her the boot. Meanwhile, Greg tried to get back with Cyd but, to Dixie's delight, shewasn't interested.


Comments from the EGB:

Bye bye Andrea!! I'm so glad she's gone, she was so heartless! (...) Kelsey the supernurse!! She's an absolute legend, the vomit!! Nadia didn't deserve to be on tv... (...)I really liked how all the patient storylines all revolved around one event, it worked really well in that ep. - Nezza

Jeff was sweet when he got emotional. - Guppyfan-no1

I liked this episode, there where great story lines.Where was Guppy , whe miss you, whe need you. Come back to us, haha. (...) I hate Nathan, with his "I did what you asked" to Selena, when Andrea whas the one that left, he was too scared to ask himself. - Lizzy

Cyd and Greg: Awww!
Guppy: HOT!
Nathan: Evil!
Kelsey: Classic!
Nadia: Bimbo!
Jeff: Aww!
Andrea: Grr! - Guppy is Yummy

End ratings (by EGB members): 7.5/10

+ The bomb storyline
+ Andrea leaving
+ Kelsey
+ Jeff being all adorable
+ Greg breaking up with Andrea
+ Dixie's comment to Andrea
- Cyd rejecting Greg (though understandable)
- Nathan
- Andrea
- Lack of Guppy

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