Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Review: 21.30 A World Elswhere


Still reeling from Greg's infidelities with Andrea, Cyd refused to make amends with the apologetic paramedic. During a shout, she felt a strong connection to an Irish lass called Kira who later died.
Jeff persuaded a psychic to predict a winner on a horse race. Expecting to come up trumps, he rallied the troops for a party. A humiliated Jeff promptly cancelled the celebration when the horse lost. Nadia failed to impress Abs with Kylie tickets.
Elsewhere, convinced Kira's spirit was trying to communicate with her, Cyd informed Kira's parents that their daughter had a baby. Horrified, Kira's father demanded Cyd be dismissed for causing unnecessary distress.
Meanwhile, Dixie and Greg became gravely concerned for Cyd's welfare.

From: Bbc.co.uk

Comments from the EGB:

First things first : Scrubsssss!! I'm not really sure what to think of last night's ep, tbh, it was all a bit strange really... After reading the spoilers I thought I'd enjoy it more. (...) Loving the whole Kelsey v Nadia thing that's going on too, and how Kelsey gave her ticket to that bloke! - Nezza

Anyway, i found the storyline with Cyd was kinda scary the way they had hte effect of the freaky music when they get holding that hairband freaked me out! hehe. Kelsey was wicked, give the ticket to that tramp, Nadia' face was class. - Guppyfan-no1

Wow...not a really popular episode... lack of comments make this hard.

End ratings (by Nezza as nobody rated, tsk tsk.): 6/10
+ Guppy in scrubs
+ Kelsey versus Nadia
- Cyd acting scary
- Weird episode

Due to lack of comments and not having seen this episode myself, rating and commenting was hard. Please forgive me..

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