Friday, April 27, 2007

The Jacket Special

I told you it would be here soon.
Throughout these amazing years that Guppy has filled our screens, he has worn several jackets, not shown that much, but definitly there. The jacket of last Saturday's episode, 'Lush', showed us his new jacket, which caused a discussion at the episode review. We lined up all his jackets (well, actually, Sapphire - Jacket Expert - did that..) So here we go, an extravaganza of all of Guppy's jackets.
Caution: High rate of sarcasm ahead.

Worn in: Series 19
Description: A light blue, simple jacket with a nice cut collar. And I believe it's a button one, not a zipper.

Worn in: Series 19 & 20
Description: This first jacket is a dark, but not really, blue-ish colour. It has a casual look, sure to make the ladies go mad. (but he doesn't need a jacket for that..) It looks like Jacket nr. 1, but looks can be deceiving. It really isn't.

Worn in: Series 20
Description: This is a darker, a little more casual jacket. Different to the others, this one shows that Guppy's finally starting to losen up a bit. He's not even wairing a tie anymore! (wait...wrong special..)

Worn in: Series 21
Description: This jacket was only spotted twice, both during winter time, so it could be safe to say this is a winter jacket. It has a nice hood, and is of the longer kind, making sure Guppy is warm during the icy, snowy *coughs* winter.

Worn in: Series 21
Description: The jacket that caused all this; the new jacket. This time, Guppy is showing a stylish, but casual jacket. Again, in a darker colour. As you can see, the inside is light, with a handy inside pocket for all his...stuff. Sadly, I could find only one screencap of this quite amazing jacket, but we will hopefully find more soon.

Extra Jackets:
Guppy's hasn't only worn normal jackets. Ofcourse not, he's a doctor. Here are the remaining jackets in Guppy's collection.

  • The Classic Doctor's Jacket
    Shown on Guppy's first episode. He was eager to impress, and decided to wear his classical doctors jacket. Obviously, everybody mocked him.

The Paramedic Jacket
The glorious (or not so glorious) day that Guppy got to go with the paramedics for work experience. Wasn't that lovely? He wore a nice fluorent green and dark green paramedics jacket with glow-in-the-dark PARAMEDIC letters on the back.

So there you have it, all of Guppy's jackets nicely lined up for you. Hope you liked it!

The all important credits:
With a help from: Sapphire
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Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing!! That was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

hehe, loving him in the yellow shirt and blue tie. . . oh wait wrong site ;)

You people pay way too much attention, but atleast it's something nice to pay attention too!!